October 8, 2019

Fall Meal Prep {My Top Tips}

If you’ve seen my recent IG stories you’d know that I’ve been struggling with my sleep, big time! Between an amazing (but full) LA trip, Jewish Holidays, family gatherings and more travel, my nervous system has barely had a chance to switch from the constant energy of “do-do-do” to R-E-S-T so it’s no surprise that my sleep has taken a hit.

Getting back into a routine is never easy, especially when there’s more than one ball in the air! One of the easiest ways that I get back on schedule, and feeling my best (in addition to prioritizing sleep) is through simple, nourishing meals that fuel my body and help keep my gut happy!

Photo by Stylish & Hip Kids for Loyal Hana

There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day and opening the fridge to discover food that is ready to be turned into a meal. People think I cook elaborate meals and recipes all the time but really what I do is ASSEMBLE. But I do know that even this takes a little bit of forward-thinking and planning.

That’s why I created my Meal Prep Workshop with all my best tips to meal prep in a way that is delicious, do-able and FUN! This workshop takes the stress out of meal prep and teaches you how to finally turn the ingredients in your fridge into a plate of food you actually want to eat. You’ll discover how to prep and create my Good Gut Rule of Five Plate (a great on-the-go lunch option!), simple breakfast ideas that you can make ahead of time (my friend Tricia’s weeks are literally saved by an easy baked oatmeal recipe), and snack ideas – that also make an ideal lunchbox or after-school treat for kiddos.

Be sure to follow me @robynyoukilis, for more of my meal-prep hacks, food inspo, and recipe ideas!

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