March 29, 2016

Go with Your Gut Moments

I’m curious, how many conversations have you had with yourself or your friends that end in “I just don’t know”? Or how many countless hours have you wasted not knowing what to do in a certain situation? Driving yourself nutso going back and forth over your next move. And how many times have you looked back at how a situation played out and heard that little voice in your head annoyingly whispering, “told ya so”?

What if you could listen to that voice and make decisions from that inner place of knowing, your intuition? Would you have dumped the boyfriend sooner and said YES to that fabulous weekend away with your BFF? Passed on that apartment that looked perfect on paper but you knew it just wasn’t right (and ended up landing an even more amazing one days later?)? Or even swallowed your pride and asked for help when you found yourself in over your head?

Your intuition is a muscle, and just like every other muscle in your body you can strengthen it, make it stronger and louder. We’ve loved seeing all the yummy food you’ve been making from Go with Your Gut, but what we’ve almost loved even more is hearing your personal “go with your gut” moments – those times that YOU have followed your intuition. Because when you allow yourself to be guided by that inner resource, that purest place of YOU, it’s like you are covered in sparkle dust: the best of who you are gets turned up ten notches.

Here’s just one story from one of our closest friends in the wellness world, Jenny Sansouci of Healthy Crush. She shared about her own opportunity to write a book in a recent blog post about Go with Your Gut:

“It seemed like the logical thing to do and a “good opportunity.” The problem was, I just wasn’t that excited about it. I was finding it extremely challenging and energy-draining to churn out each chapter – not because the work was that hard — but because my heart wasn’t invested in it. I felt resentful at myself for saying yes to the book with every single word I wrote. Every time the publisher reached out to me for more chapters I felt sick. NOT a good place to create from! My gut was screaming – this project isn’t right for you. I ended up canceling the book deal. As a result, I felt so much lighter, so much more like me, and I created so much more space for things to come into my existence that are in perfect alignment with who I really am.”

We loved this a-ha moment so much at Team YHY that we didn’t want you to miss Jenny’s FULL story, plus a bunch more inspirational “Go with Your Gut” moments.


Now we want to hear from you – tell us about a time that you followed your gut.  Leave a comment below, or share with us on Instagram or Twitter – make sure to tag @RobynYoukilis and #GowithYourGutBook so we can see your Go with Your Gut moments.

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