August 8, 2013

Have Your Eating Habits Gone Astray? Quick Bonus Blog to Get Back on Track!

peach cobbler8.8.2013Every week I say no bread, no sugar at night, no alcohol.

Then there’s a dinner, a homemade dessert, a trip to the ice cream shop an event to toast to and inevitably I end up going back on my “healthy promises”.

Food focused celebrations can be some of the most memorable parts of my summer but when I start to feel tired, bloated and less than thrilled with my daily eating habits I know its time to get back on track.  And believe me I know you must be struggling too.  All of my private coaching calls have been the same: I had a bachelorette, I was in the Hamptons, I had a rooftop party, I’ve OD’d on lobster rolls, margaritas and the toppings bar at 16 Handles.

Does this sound like you?

So to help you enjoy the last weeks of summer to their fullest AND feel your absolute best, here are 3 quick tips you can incorporate to help get you back on track (plus an exclusive invitation at the end):

1. Add in a probiotic supplement.  It’s likely your belly isn’t used to all the summer feasting and could use a little help with digestion.  Adding in some probiotics will help your stomach digest it’s food better, slim down a bit and give you more energy (because you’re able to absorb all the nutrients you’re eating).  And not all probiotics are created equal!  Let’s talk to find the best one for you.

2. Pass on something!  We tend to think that once we are going to “go all out” that we can just indulge in everything and anything.  Sometimes it’s helpful to say no to one thing; it helps you feel like you have a say over what you put into your body and makes it feel like a much more mindful choice.  Going for the sangria?  Skip dessert.  Can’t wait for peach cobbler?  Leave the bun on the plate (and load up on veggies instead).

3. Do a water experiment.  We all know we should be drinking more water and likely you think you are consuming enough but have you ever measured?  To figure out how much water your body needs, take your weight and divide it in half. That’s the number of ounces you’ll want to consume each day.  This typically falls between 8-9 glasses but it’s nice to know the exact number!  Then count the amount of ounces you consume over a two day period and track how you really measure up.  Likely you’re not drinking as much as you thought you were!  I also recommend adding lemon and/or lime slices to your water, it ups the alkalinity and acts as a mini cleanse for your organs.  Personally I love drinking water out of these Mason jars.  You’ll refill them less and it’s nice not to use as much plastic at the office.  I’ll also add mint, berries, orange slices, anything, to make my water it’s very own party.

Because I want to support YOU as best as I can I’ve decided to open up 3 new private coaching spots in my schedule.  We can explore one-on-one coaching (a true shift for long-term results), a private VIP day (lunch for 2 at Pure Food and Wine anyone?), a private cooking session (bring a friend!) and so much more.  Summer should be a time where you feel your absolute best so let’s have a blast getting you there.

Click here to talk more and explore which option is best for you.

Happy August.

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