January 3, 2018

Health and Wellness Booklist

As a self-proclaimed wellness junkie, I’m always learning something. I share a lot of what I’m reading on social media, but I thought it would be helpful to pull some of my favorite books together in one place.

I loved putting together this booklist for you. Not only was it a chance to highlight some of my badass author friends, but I also looked back at my own bookshelf and pulled out a few titles I want to re-read again.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you a place to start, whether you’re new to this whole healthy living thing or simply looking to get re-inspired in the new year.

What are your favorite health and wellness books? I would love to hear your must-reads in the comments below, and if any of these are top of your list too!

Health & Wellness



Happier Life / Self-Love

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