November 15, 2018

Healthy Holiday Recipes!

It’s that time of year again – hello holidays!

Even though it feels like just yesterday I was spending seemingly endless summer evenings playing with my family in Domino Park in Brooklyn, our US Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with that begins the season of holiday parties, celebratory meals and other seasonal festivities.

While this time of year is usually about indulgence and excess – it doesn’t have to be ALL about that. Sure, I’ll have my fair share of holiday cookies and all the sweet potato pie things, but also plenty of veggies, herbal tea and moments of connecting to my gut and what it needs most.

Today I’m sharing 10 gut friendly (as in your digestive system) holiday recipes. Some of these are “upgraded” classics and some are less traditional, but all are incredibly delicious and your family (or friends, or coworkers) will be grateful to you for bringing some balance to the holiday meal.

Soup + Salad:

Main Dish:


If you make one of these recipes (or any of the recipes from my books!), let me know! Leave a comment below with what you made and how it turned out.

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