January 5, 2023

Hello 2023

Hello 2023!! How are you feeling? Did you hit the ground running? Slow to start? Whatever way the new year started for you, I thought it could feel really nice to share a Guiding Grounding meditation session and some insights on what I call “little pockets of peace” today. Keep reading…

Hello 2023

Little pockets of peace are so incredibly important. I believe now more than ever, we’re going to have to strengthen our quick “drop in” moments. Meaning, multiple times in the day, taking a moment to pause, breathe deeply, connect to your heart, and essentially run a little system check in of yourself. Even 5 minutes of quiet breathing can be impactful for the energy you’re showing up for, and with. Give yourself the opportunity to sit together in silence for your own peace.

Have time for a little more or want to put something supportive on during your commute? This short meditation session is for you. Getting back into the swing of post-holiday life, this meditation is an invitation to go inward and ground down. Get cozy, find a comfortable seat, and give yourself the gift of peace.

Listen to the Guided Grounding session here <3

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