January 27, 2021

The Guided Grounding Group Experience

I had so much fun breathing and meditating with so many of you over on Instagram yesterday! Thank you for being there. If you missed it live, go check out the replay here! I’m especially obsessed with one of the songs in the session.

It was also super sweet to be in my Guided Grounding space with so many of you again. Thinking back to March and when the frenzy of the pandemic hit, there was one message that kept repeating in my head in spite of everything: “I’ve got this.” This gut feeling came from over a decade(/lifetime really!) of connecting to my intuition and returning to my breath, again and again, no matter what.

I knew that feeling was needed in my community too, which is why I hit the ground running with hosting live Guided Grounding Meditations on Instagram from April-June. Hundreds of you joined me live to meditate, and thousands watched the replays– many of you returning to the meditations time and time again for reassurance, grounding, and your own internal knowing of “I’ve got this.

With your messages pouring in about how much the meditations meant to you (thank you!), I knew that I needed to bring them back, and this time, in an even more intentional way.

I’m so excited and proud to introduce you to the official Guided Grounding Group Experience — a four-week journey where I will guide you back to your center and your own intuition, all in a supportive, community-focused container.


Guided Grounding


Are you ready to go deeper with me but more importantly, yourself? Check out all of the details and sign up here!

I absolutely can’t wait to start this heartwarming experience with you.

Comment below and let me know if you’ve participated in my IGTV Live Guided Grounding sessions before!

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