March 19, 2021

This Has Been My Anchor

Last week my iPhoto kindly reminded me of where I was just a year ago — in Los Angeles at the Goop In Good Health Summit with a dear friend. I was getting ready to speak at Expo West (which was later canceled) and my husband, Scott, was working with his LA-based team. 

This has been my anchor

It’s a lot. Photo memories popping up, reminding us of where we were a year ago, pinging us to recognize all that we’ve been through. It’s been a lot for me to think about and I imagine it’s been a lot for you. 


In those moments of intensity, this is your reminder to:

  • Breathe 
  • Feel what you’re feeling
  • Connect to yourself
  • Find our own intuitive voice – and also listen to the experts
  • Be there for each other


Thinking about the last year and what lies ahead, the phrase “Life is a long time” (God willing) has been replaying in the back of my mind. This is something my teacher at the Integrative Institute for Nutrition taught and it’s always stuck with me. So, if life really is a long time, can we just be where we are right now? Can we find calm in this moment? 


What came through as I reflected on finding my own way through the last year was the word “anchor”. What are my anchors? Those things that quite literally ground me into this Earth? Guided Grounding sessions, my moment for me, have supported me in such a big way. Showing up and doing them for you and with you has been my anchor.


Anchors are those things that will live beyond us, beyond our lifetime. An anchor can be practices or rituals that make us feel like ourselves. And we can choose to lean into our anchors and let them support us in whatever way that they are meant to. Especially right now.


If you’re looking for an anchor, a place to be guided to your center and your own intuition, all in a supportive, community-focused container, I’m excited to announce the Guided Grounding Group Experience is now open for enrollment! This is the last time I’ll be running the program live before baby #2 arrives. 

Here are the details of the program: 

WHEN: March 30th – April 23rd, with live Guided Grounding meditation sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:30 AM EDT and recordings posted immediately after. You will also have access to the IG group through August so you can listen to the meditations again and again. 

WHERE: Sessions will be hosted on a private Instagram page just for community members. All materials will be posted on the Instagram page, and we’ll use the comments to support each other— I will be replying to every comment as well.

INVESTMENT: The Guided Grounding Group is $97 for the 4 weeks when you pay in full, plus we offer a new payment plan option this time. 

NEW! RETREAT OPTION: We’re adding on the option of a virtual retreat experience this time! Whoo hoo! This will be an intimate online gathering where we’ll deep dive Guided Grounding style! We’ll have extra time to meditate, journal, reflect, share, move and get coaching from me. Join us for this immersive 90-minute experience and leave feeling calmer and more connected to your heart, fueling you for the days and weeks ahead. The investment for the retreat option is $297 AND this includes the Guided Grounding Group Experience. The session will be held on zoom and the recording will be provided for those who can’t join live. 

Are you ready to lean into the support from me but more importantly, yourself? Check out all of the details and sign up here

I can’t wait to start this heartwarming experience with you.  

Comment below if you’re in!


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