April 29, 2024

Here’s Why I’m Thriving Right Now

It’s been a few weeks since I got back from Coachella, and even with my kids home for spring break and Passover, I’m still riding the high and feeling like the best possible version of myself. Want to know how that’s possible?
It’s because many years ago I made a conscious decision to prioritize self-care, and it has made all the difference. Taking time for me, feeling sexy, reconnecting with my husband, dancing all night to live music, having fun, feeling carefree… all of this is a testament to embracing who I truly am and making real time to fill my cup.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Not everyone can jet off to Coachella, but here’s the thing – you don’t have to. Your Coachella – the thing that you look forward to with your whole being for months and months – can be created right in your neighborhood or even at home.

It could be getting that long overdue date night on the calendar. Or even blocking off time in your schedule for a 3-hour solo date dedicated entirely to yourself. No distractions, no obligations – just you and whatever fills your cup. 

At 44, as a mom to two incredible kids, I’ve come to realize the power of showing up for myself and perseverance. My skin? I work at it. My abs (even with diastasis recti, thanks Dover!)? They certainly didn’t happen overnight. My goals in business and life? I’m constantly checking in with myself to make sure I’m staying true to myself and doing what I want to be doing. Every time I’ve wanted to skip a ritual or slack off on a project, I remind myself how I would feel afterwards and do the work anyway. Because I know that taking care of myself and my needs is a non-negotiable, and ultimately leads me to the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in life.

Sure, life isn’t always pretty pictures and workout classes. I usually don’t get enough sleep, my kids can be cranky, and I grapple with hard shit all the time, especially thinking about people across the world under attack. But I still must live my life to the fullest I possibly can.

So, and go with me on this one, what’s your Coachella? What’s going to set the tone for your week, month or year? What fills your heart with joy? What dreams have you tucked away, convincing yourself you can’t make them happen and coming up with lots of reasons why not?

Here’s the truth: you deserve to pursue those dreams. And if you need a little push, a little reminder of how good it feels to feel good, then the Hot Mama Mother’s Day experience might be exactly what you need! Real space and time for you and your needs, the opportunity to be in a room full of women who just need a break, and the chance to rediscover and embrace our best selves together! Sign up here for a serious dose of self-care, can’t wait to see you there!



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