April 4, 2019

How my client lost 98 pounds (yes, you read that right)

“Working with Robyn has changed my life exponentially for the better. When we started 1:1 coaching my life was very limited and insulated. I was sick all the time, and had to say no to events with friends and family, forcing me to miss out on a lot of life. I remember thinking is this going to be it? I knew it wasn’t. I wanted to thrive.

Through Robyn’s coaching and guidance, I learned how to listen to my gut both literally and figuratively. I started focusing on healing foods that nourished my health and optimized my digestion. Robyn helped me to get out of my head and my “thinky thoughts” and into my body. I learned how to listen to my intuition and really trust myself to find MY path to health and happiness.

Not only have I lost 98 pounds and gotten off 18 medications, I FEEL healthy. Instead of managing my illness (which was my life for years), I’m able to focus on my future and how I want to live this beautiful life.

– Kelly Ann, New Jersey, 1:1 Coaching Client + Rockstar Collective Member since 2017

Kelly Ann is one of my long term coaching clients. The progress she’s made through our time working together is inspirational, and she was even recently interviewed by First for Women magazine to share her transformation story.

Yes, I am an experienced and talented coach and Kelly Ann is an incredible and committed human being….

But I think the biggest key of her transformation has been consistency and time.

Kelly Ann and I have been working together 1:1 since January 2017. That’s two full years of visioning, coaching, support, accountability, troubleshooting, revisiting, shifting and visioning again. Health, happiness and success doesn’t come from a glass of celery juice, or daily yoga practice, or regularly posting useful content to Instagram. These things can help, but in my opinion true wellness is a feeling in your body when you’re living in alignment with YOU. When you’re connected to your gut, and when you make time every day to take care of yourself, whether that’s through yoga or through a wild night out with your girlfriends.

Most of us weren’t taught how to take care of ourselves on this deep level. Sure, maybe you were told to eat your vegetables and to get regular exercise, but I’m guessing no one ever explained that this would be a lifelong process.

Wellness is a lifelong process. There is no “there.”

Last week I shared this with one of my other 1:1 clients. She’s been doing a LOT to support her health and I could feel some frustration coming through when she wasn’t seeing or feeling changes as fast as she expected. She was quiet for a moment and then she sighed and said: “It’s almost comforting to know this will always be something I’m working on.”

Your body, your business, your LIFE will always be a work in progress. It’s YOUR work in progress. The challenge is learning how to create and hold the space to have this conversation with yourself consistently, to check in with what you need and what you need to take action on to support YOU.

Going back to Kelly Ann: right now she’s in a “there” moment – she’s feeling good in her body, connected to herself and inspired to take action toward her future goals. The things that were holding her back (her weight, her health, her belief systems) aren’t any longer.

But guess what? We’re still working together. Because there are new things that come up, and she knows that. She knows she still needs support – not for someone to “fix” her, but for her to continue to be guided and held accountable to what her gut is telling her are her best next steps.

Now our focus is writing her “well” story – creating a vision and action plan for her life now that she’s healthy and has the energy to move forward with more of her dreams for her body, her business and beyond.

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