August 1, 2016

How to deal with overwhelm

Awesome and overwhelmed.

That’s pretty much how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. Life has been full to the max on every level – friends, family, work projects and everything in between. It’s all so incredibly awesome, but at the same time can feel completely overwhelming.

Do you ever feel this way? Like it’s literally ALL happening, all at once?

When I start to feel the weight of to-dos and responsibilities, when I start to feel myself getting wrapped up in “the stuff”, I remind myself to breathe and allow it to be easy.

And yes, sometimes just taking that moment, putting one hand on my belly and one on my heart, and reminding myself that it’s all okay is enough. But other times, I need a more tangible process to organize my thoughts (and really prioritize my to-do list) so that I can find that ease during the most busy times. In those moments, here are the questions I ask myself:

How can I simplify this?
What matters most to me?
What is the one thing that I can do now?

These questions are exactly what I asked my team this past Friday afternoon. We had just done a final review of my *drumroll please* BRAND SHINY NEW WEBSITE!!!, run through my outline for my appearance on The View {OMG more on that below!}, and tackled a long list of coaching client and biz items. Needless to say, we had a LOT on our to-do lists, most of which we wanted to finish before Monday at 8AM, and we hadn’t taken into account the personal weekend plans each of us had in place.

So, we took a step back, prioritized what was absolutely necessary, let go of certain expectations, and did the best we could in the time that we had. We reminded ourselves that it’s all completely okay.

And not only okay, it’s freaking awesome. Here are the two projects I’m most excited to share with you this week:

  1. My new website is live! This is my shiny, brand spanking new, virtual home and I am so excited to finally share it with you! The best part is that it’s just the beginning. My team and I have a few more projects in the works which we’ll be sharing through this new platform, so stay tuned! For now, head on over to the new site, and make yourself at home. I’d also love if you could help me spread the word about this big launch by emailing a friend or posting on social media {Tweet about it!}.
  2. I’m doing a full segment for my book Go with Your Gut on The View! The show will be taping and airing totally LIVE this Wednesday, August 3rd at 11AM EST!! This is such a dream come true – I’ll be talking about some of the most popular recipes from my book as well as my top tips for increasing energy, beating belly bloat, and {you guessed it} pooping better (yes, I will be chatting all about poop for millions to see and I couldn’t be more excited about it! lol)! I hope you all will tune in for what’s sure to be an exciting segment.

Editor’s note: Catch the recap + recording of the segment here.

Whether you have been hanging out here for a while or you are brand new to my community, thank you for your support. I’m honored to be on this awesome journey called life with you!

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