June 20, 2018

How to make your time expand

I just got back from a week long family vacation to the Grand Cayman Islands and it was incredible! If you’re new to my world {welcome!!}, my husband and I (and now Navy!) love to travel – it’s who we are and more like a way of life for me.

I joke that if we’re in NYC two weekends in a row I start to feel anxious, but it’s true! We love exploring new places, and spending time with our friends and family who live all over the country.

My husband and I are fortunate in the fact that we’ve both created careers where we can work from almost wherever, which is one of the reasons we’re able to travel as much and as often as we do.

I’m grateful for this flexibility, and that a lot of my “work” doesn’t exactly feel like work – coaching calls with clients, showing you around my kitchen on Instagram stories, brainstorm dates with colleagues, creating recipes and blogs with brands that I love, etc. And while I love my work (or maybe because I love my work), it can be quite a challenge to unplug and actually take a break.

Can you relate?

Do you find it hard to unplug or actually take a break from your work, or your work mind?

Taking a break from being “online” can be challenging whether you’re a coach like me who’s life is an important part of their work (gotta walk the talk), or simply someone who does a lot of their work on-the-go thanks to laptops and smartphones…

I laughed when I first saw this quote but it’s TRUE. For so many of us so much of our lives exist online.

It’s incredible how when I put down my phone (and basically forget it exists), time expands.

Which is why I made the decision to unplug during my vacation last week. I didn’t post or respond to questions on Instagram, didn’t log into Facebook and only checked my email once or twice.

Here’s what I learned from taking a “brb” moment: Time is the ultimate gift. We’re always looking for more of it but the truth is, it’s already there for us. We don’t necessarily need more, we just need to be more intentional with how we use it.

I used the extra time I had to start a meditation training I’d been wanting to do. I also allowed myself to just be present – to look around, to get bored, to be creative. It’s incredible how amazing it feels to just be with your own thoughts – not only was it easier for me to slow down and do less, but I also felt way more connected to my intuition and a great sense of inspiration.

All of this is not to say that I don’t see the value in social media, the internet, etc – believe me, I do! I think it’s an amazing way to connect and share and learn, and I will continue to connect and share and learn using these technologies going forward. I simply hope to be more mindful about when I’m “on” and when I’m “off,” and allow myself to take more time off, especially this summer.

I encourage you to try a digital detox or offline experiment for yourself during one of your summer vacations or upcoming travels- maybe it’s not a whole week, but a weekend or even just an afternoon. Allow yourself to be fully present and watch how time expands.


PS. Because I am BACK online and more inspired than ever to share in a way that’s fun and effective,  I’m hosting a Q&A on Instagram LIVE next Tuesday 6/26 at 12:30PM EST all about supplements! Hope you can join in!

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