January 8, 2017

Dream Life Workshop #2 – Is this keeping you stuck?

In case you missed it, Im holding a virtual coaching workshop weekend where Im sharing my Three Essential Elements to Create Your Dream Life to help you craft a plan for 2017 you can actually stick to, every day.

Yesterday I shared Essential Element #1: Your goals must be practical.

If you havent read that yet, go back real quick and read it! This is also where I coach you through getting clear on your goals for this year. The rest of this series depends on you knowing your goals, so if you havent done that yet, go back and work through that email first.

 Alright, so now that you have your practical 2017 goals, its time to take action

But, honestly, what do you do if in reality you just don’t feel like it? Again and again you find yourself having the same conversation with your best friend, about the same shit thats keeping you stuck in the mud.

“I want to try yoga but for some reason I just can’t get my butt to class!”

“Meal prep didn’t happen again this week… oh well.”

“I know I said this last month, but THIS is the month I am going to officially share about my coaching practice and start taking on clients.”

If you have the actionable steps to get where you want to be, why cant you just do it already?

Well, my friends, having a practical plan is just one part of the equation.


Create Your Dream Life Essential Element #2: You must acknowledge and address the emotional component.

Emotional, ego, sub-consciouswhatever you want to call it, this is the stuff we kind of understand, but kind of dont. At least most of us!

The emotional side of us drives our gut reactions, decisions, and many of the actions we take on a daily basis.

Its our intuition, but its also our insecurities and the stories we tell ourselves.

The same stories that keep us stuck exactly where we are

  • You say you dont have time for yoga, but really, you dont want to go because you don’t like the way you look in your yoga pants.
  • Because you still struggle with your own digestion and food choices, you doubt your ability to coach other people around nutrition
  • You dont cook because it takes you forever to chop an onion, so how on earth would you make a full meal?
  • You want your own business, but the truth is youve gotten too comfortable in your corner officeand maybe youve even gotten comfortable complaining about it.

Your subconscious is the not-so-quiet voice in your head saying things like

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’ll never get this right so why bother.”

“Losing weight is hard.”

Contrary to what you might be thinking, this voice isnt out to ruin you its actually just trying to keep you safe. Safeand comfortable.

Change isnt comfortable.

The unknown can be thrilling, but its also a lot scarier than staying where you are. What keeps you safe and keeps you comfortable, also keeps you stuck.

The good news is that when we acknowledge this deeper part of us, we can change the stories we tell ourselves. We can actually use our subconscious and emotions to our advantage.


I know, I know, this might sound intense, especially given everything else youve got going on in your busy life.

So how can you start to listen to that inner voice right now? How do you tap into the spiritual part of you when it feels like you dont have time for that fluffystuff?

It’s as simple as this: Talk to someone.

When Im feeling overwhelmed, or like a hamster on a wheel, it usually means I need to have a conversation with someone and share whats been going on thats got me feeling all up in my head.

You dont have to have all the answers (nor does the person youre talking to), but you need to out yourself. You need to put it all on the table: What youre feeling, what youre afraid of, and whats weighing you down.

When you let it out, you realize just how serious (or how silly) something is. Often, just by hashing it out with someone you trust, your plan of action becomes clearerand you feel a heck of a lot lighter and happier.

Use these prompts to get yourself talking

Lately I’ve been feeling….

Here’s what’s been going on…

I don’t know what to do about this…

Yes, you can write this out in a journal, but ideally, Id love for you to talk it out.

Not sure who to talk to?

Feel like you cant share with your husband or boyfriend because you dont have a plan yet? Not comfortable talking to your boss at work because your dreams and goals dont necessarily align with their vision for you?

Let me be your sounding board. Type out your answers and send them to me at [email protected].

Why? Clearing out the underlying gunk lifts the cloud off your intuition and gets you in touch with your built-in guru {yes, youre your own best guide}, so everything feels easier and you start to know exactly what choices to make every day.

I cant wait to hear from you.

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