January 9, 2017

Dream Life Workshop #3 – The most important part of any plan…

Today I’m sharing the most crucial ingredient in the Create Your Dream Life series. Before we dive into that, let’s recap what we’ve covered this weekend:

Essential Element #1 – Your goals must be practical.

Essential Element #2 – You must acknowledge and address the emotional component.

And now, the most important part of the Dream Life/Body/Career equation, the part that so many diet plans and programs miss is the FUN.

If your plan isnt fun, its just another thing that goes on your should list and weighs you down more than the cookies, the fancy cocktails, or the bread basket.


If something doesn’t feel like a good time, it’s never going to become a part of your everyday life.

Itll always be something you doversus who you ARE. And with something you simply do, theres always the chance you wont want to get off the couch and do it.


Create Your Dream Life Essential Element #3 is FUN.

So your plan needs to be something youre genuinely excited about and look forward to every day. Something you want to savor and bask in.

 Im talking fun like

  • When all of your best girlfriends come together for a dinner and you stay talking wayyy after the last bite of the dessert you shared is gone.
  • A super slow Sunday morning with extra time under the comforter and absolutely zero obligations for the entire day ahead.
  • Your passion project that energizes you and always leaves you wanting to put more time into it when you tuck in for the night.

Yes, your health and your wellness goals can actually feel that fun.

“Alright Robyn, this all sounds great. I need to get my practical plan in place – the specific action steps to take toward my goals. I also need to take a look at the emotional side of things and share what’s going on for me with someone I trust.

And then add in some fun… This makes sense but I’m getting overwhelmed just thinking about it, and I’m not sure how to keep all of this feeling light and exciting rather than like a boring to-do.”

I feel you, and I have good news: I’m going to walk you through exactly how to nail this whole process in my FREE class: Beat Overwhelm and Get Back to FUN!

Tonight (Monday 1/9) at 8PM EST or

Tomorrow (Tuesday 1/10) at 12:30PM EST


Register for this free class here.

Youll learn these exact tools

  • The one word you need to stop saying to drop 10 pounds
  • A suggestion that no one else in the wellness world is talking about
  • One way to make eating healthy more FUN {no expensive kitchen appliance required}

Here’s that link to register once more.

I can’t wait to talk more!

P.S. Cant make it to either of the live workshops? Register anyways and well send you the recording.



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