December 31, 2020

I Couldn’t Wait To Share My Big Life Update With You

I’ve been a little quiet lately. Both in your inbox and over on Instagram where I love to hang out. I’m someone who loves to share my life with you. Interacting and sharing authentically with people lights me up. And when I can’t share all of it, I tend to share very little. But I promise it was for good reason, my big life update is…I’m pregnant with baby #2!

My Big Life Update


I always wanted a larger gap between my first and second children so that I could truly enjoy watching the first one (that’s Navy lol) grow up and also so Scott and I could maintain our lifestyle with lots of travel and being on the go for as long as possible. Not quite the norm, but you how I roll by now! 


We started trying for baby #2 in May and got pregnant naturally in August and are due the end of May. Navy, Scott, and I couldn’t be more excited and we’re extremely grateful for this blessing in our lives as this was something we’ve wanted and prayed for. 

My Big Life Update


But let me tell you, being pregnant at 41 is VERY different than being pregnant at 35. I’ve felt it differently in my body and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to listen to my body above everything else and SURRENDER (a popular theme in mom life and 2020 in general). So I’ve been spending most of my time resting (or curling up to manage my nausea) and just being.


Now that I’m into my second trimester and feeling a little better, I hope to be showing up and sharing more in the new year. If there’s something you would love to see from me and Your Healthiest You just comment below let us know! Until then, wishing all of you a very happy new year and sending so much love. I’m so grateful you’re here, especially now, and I’m hopeful 2021 brings us all the light and joy we deserve.


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