May 9, 2018

I didn’t expect to learn this

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a retreat for the women in my high-level coaching program, The Rockstar Coaching Collective.

We meditated. We moved. We ate. We laughed. We cried. We learned about crystals and took time to stop and smell the roses (NYC really showed us a perfect spring weekend). Most importantly: we connected with ourselves and with each other.

Rockstar Retreat

And while I was the main teacher this weekend, we were fortunate to have not one, but two special guests visit and drop some serious wisdom for our group. My friend Biet Simkin and her husband, Christophe Glass, led us in a discussion about how to lead a spiritually connected life in a material world.

I took pages of notes, but this one thing Biet said really struck a chord with me:

“Honoring space and time is the highest form of abundance”

“Honoring space and time is the highest form of abundance”

I personally struggle so much with the busy = productive mindset. I feel guilty about taking time out when I could be spending it with my daughter, or responding to your comments on Instagram, or calling a girlfriend I haven’t spoken to in weeks.

Even though I know that taking time – reading time, quiet time, idle time – allows me to show up more fully in all areas of my life, it’s always the thing that goes to the bottom of the list.

Biet’s words resonated with me and made me think about my time in a totally different way.

Abundance does not necessarily equal creating more.

Abundance can mean having more space around appointments, allowing yourself time to linger with no phone in sight, letting yourself just be in the present moment, without jumping right into the next thing on your to-do list or social schedule.

The best part about this “a-ha” moment? It didn’t turn into another to-do. It created a shift in my mindset that I’m going to lean into moving forward.

Does this phrase resonate with you? Do you equate being busy with being more successful? Leave a comment below or on this Instagram post.

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