May 9, 2019

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

I love being a mom and truly enjoy spending quality time with my family. But no matter how much I love this “job” and enjoy this time, I still need time for me. We all do, no matter whether you’ve got kiddos or not.

Space to feel like you’re enough..Space to meander with your thoughts.Space to process all that’s happening in your life.

Sometimes it can be hard to make time to take care of yourself and hear your intuition amidst the everyday noise of life.

When I take this time for me regularly, I’m calmer and less anxious. I’m more present in those moments with Navy, I’m a better boss, and a more loving and patient wife. I feel lit up by my own life and more grateful for all that I have.

You can take this space in little ways every day or in a big way once or twice a year.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day this weekend, I’m sharing 3 tips for finding space to connect with yourself. There’s also a super special invite below that would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift, for yourself or someone you love.

Here are my 3 tips for connecting to you amidst the noise of everyday life:

  1. Take a moment for you – In my second book, Thin From Within, I teach two different ways to take a moment for you during your day.First, you can start your day with a Morning Minute practice. When you wake up, place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and take a few deep breaths. I say some version of the following to myself (think Goodnight Moon, but the morning self-care edition)…”Hi, I’m awake. How lovely is that? Good morning body, good morning heart. I’ve got you. I’m here, this is me. These are my arms, this is my skin, this is my chest, this is my face, I’ve got you.”… but you do what resonates with you! You can also make yourself a cup of tea, do a meditation or keep it simple with a few deep belly breaths. This minute of calm is what I call my Morning Minute. It’s a moment for your to connect with your mind and your body, to get your feet under you before the day gets ahead of youThe second time I find it’s helpful (and possible!) to take a pause is in the transition between your day and your evening. When you’re finished with your work for the day, take a moment to come back into your body. This step is key in breaking up with mindless eating habits that often greet us at the door.If your home space allows you to have a few calm minutes, you can do this as soon as you get home. If everything is in your face all at once as soon as you walk in the door, you might need to sit in your car or find a park bench where you can have a few minutes. This is your moment to check in with your body and brain and recalibrate. Take a few deep breaths, drop your shoulders, and make yourself a cup of tea or drink a big glass of water if you can. Come back into yourself—acknowledge what happened during your day, and set your intention for your evening.
  2. Explain to your kiddos (and your family) what you’re doing during “me” time. I find that this is such a powerful way to get the littles on board with your self care practice. Especially with the little ones, talking to them about what you’re doing not only will help them understand why mommy needs a quiet moment or come home later so she can go to the gym, but it also helps instill positive self care patterns in them.If I’m home with my daughter and want to meditate or do a home workout, I’ll invite her to join me. I’ll say something along the lines of “I need a minute to me before I can play. You can sit here with me if you’re quiet.” Sometimes Navy will join me, and sometimes she’ll go off a play a little longer by herself.This works with other members of your household too. Tell your husband (or wife, or partner, or roommate) what you’re doing and let them know when you’ll be available again.
  3. Plan a getaway! Sometimes the only way to truly drop the responsibilities and patterns of your day to day is to simply remove yourself from regular life. As I tell many of my Rockstar Coaching Collective ladies before one of our weekend retreats “Never underestimate the power of a weekend away with people who inspire you.”A few days (or a whole week if you can swing it!) can be so restorative, so powerful and so transformative. I experienced this myself last year when I took myself on my own personal retreat to recalibrate, recharge and refocus after months of book writing.For many of us mamas, taking time away is a gift we can give ourselves, but also our families (or that our families can give to us… more on that below!). The space away not only recharges us, but it also allows us to return more present, and more excited to be with our kids.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself, or know a mama in your life who could use a weekend away, I want to invite you to join my Go with Your Gut Retreat at Kripalu in June!

During this weekend we’ll be diving deep into how to connect to your intuition, and you’ll return home with tools and tips on how to really bring this concept into your everyday life.

Beyond the workshops I’ll be teaching, you’ll get time in nature, unlimited yoga and delicious, healthy food from the Kripalu kitchen. You can probably understand why this is one of my happy places and why I’m personally excited for this special weekend.

Plus, I’m bringing back my offering for two bonus group coaching calls for anyone in my community who enrolls in the weekend for one week only.

Learn more + register for the retreat here: Go with Your Gut Retreat at Kripalu

If you’d like to receive this retreat as a gift for Mother’s Day, copy and paste the text below and send it along to whomever may be gifting you. Feel free to tweak it, or not 😉

What this mama wants for Mother’s Day is a special weekend away! I’d love to go on this retreat with Robyn Youkilis at Kripalu June 21-23: Go with Your Gut Retreat

To all my mamas out there – I see you. And even in the moments where you feel far from it, you are truly amazing. It would be my honor to hang out with you at my upcoming retreat.

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