March 12, 2019

I’ve Been Working to Manifest This for YEARS

Pop quiz today: What do all of the below photos have in common? Besides the fact that I took them. 😉

They were all taken at one of my most absolute favorite places on earth: Kripalu.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is a learning and retreat space in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and it’s where I feel like my brightest, lightest, most ME self.

I’ve been going to Kripalu for YEARS (probably over a decade at this point, since I’ve been in business that long…wow!). Every summer I look forward to this weekend away – learning, being with self and eating the most delicious healthy food.

For almost as many years as I’ve been attending programs at Kripalu, I’ve said to myself “I’m going to teach here someday.”

Well guess what my loves? That day has come.

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’ll be leading a weekend retreat at Kripalu this summer (June 21-23rd).

Go with Your Gut – Making Food and Life Choices with Intuition and Self Trust

During this weekend, I’ll cover both the practical and emotional aspects of gut health. Together we’ll explore the connection between a powerfully functioning gut and a powerfully functioning gut instinct.

This weekend is for everyone. Make it a girls trip with your bestie (or your mom!), or come solo but prepared to meet some rockstar new friends along the way.

We’ll be learning, connecting, sharing and (of course) there will even be some cooking! Or fermenting, to be more specific 😉

I’ve run numerous retreats over the last few years, but most of these are just for the women in my higher level coaching programs, like Rockstar and my 1:1 ladies. This is your opportunity to hang out and learn from me IN REAL LIFE, no matter how long you’ve been following along with me or experience in this self development world.

In addition to everything included in the weekend, I’ll be offering a special early bird BONUS just for my personal community (YOU!): You’ll be invited to TWO 60-minute group coaching calls (one before the weekend and one afterwards).

During the first bonus coaching call, I’ll walk you through what to expect and how to prepare to get the most out of our Kripalu weekend.

During the second call, we’ll debrief the weekend and talk through how you can take what you learned and bring it into your life in a REAL, fun way.

On both calls there will be opportunities for live Q&A and laser focus coaching.

To secure your spot for the weekend and these bonus calls, register with Kripalu here: Go with Your Gut – Making Food and Life Choices with Intuition and Self Trust

If you’ve never been to Kripalu before, you may find the online registration a tad tricky (I still do sometimes). I recommend calling Kripalu directly at 866.200.5203 – you can have one of their awesome representatives talk you through the different room options and book directly over the phone.

Space is limited at the retreat, and this early bird bonus offer will only be valid through April 15th, so if you’re curious, check out more details on the Kripalu website and register today!

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