March 19, 2018

IIN Q&A Call

Deciding whether or not you want to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is a big decision! When I enrolled — it completely changed the course of my whole life. Plus it was a big financial and time commitment.

Several awesome questions came in during last week’s class and I picked some of the best ones to answer for you.

Here are some of the questions I answered on this Q&A call:

  • What is the time commitment like? How much time per week do you need to dedicate to IIN? Is it on your own schedule?

  • How long does the program typically take to complete? Is there a timeline?

  • I’m not from the US. Do you know anyone who has taken the program from outside of the US and has made a career of it? Is it internationally recognized?

  • I already feel like I know a TON about nutrition / health. Will I still get a lot out of this program?

  • I’m nervous to spend the money because while I know the business portion will be helpful I’m concerned I won’t get a lot from the actual nutrition part. Any advice?

  • What is the “integrative” part of the IIN course? Are other things that impact our wellbeing covered? Like ayurvedic techniques etc.

  • My biggest passion is cooking. Do you think that can be a health coaching practice?

Register for my Go with Your Gut Business Success Webinar and get access to both the webinar and the Q&A call here: IIN Webinar + Q&A Call

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