It Feels Corny To Say This But It’s True

Attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) absolutely changed my life. It feels corny to say that but it’s the truth! 

What’s kind of crazy is that before IIN I didn’t even know what a health coach was. At that time in my life I had probably only ever had avocados in guacamole. I was not the girl eating kale and I definitely didn’t have paleo-like snacks in my purse. I’ve always loved food but I wasn’t the healthy wellness nutrition girl. I did however always know that I was meant to help people. 

I was living in Los Angeles and was always performing – singing, dancing, acting – and sharing myself with the world. I would often go to the Farmers Market in Santa Monica with my then boyfriend (now husband) Scott. I started connecting more and more to Scott through food and cooking, and a girlfriend suggested I check out the Institute of Integrative Nutrition because another friend had really enjoyed it.

After reading through the brochure everything in my body screamed YES even though I had no sense of where this could go, and I had definitely not planned on switching careers. It sounded amazing and so I decided to enroll based on my gut intuition. Yes, even then I went with my gut! 

Me at a farmer’s market food demo in October 2010 after graduating from IIN where I made “Beat the Flu Broccoli.”

While many of you may already know what IIN is, or have heard me share about it before, some of you may be sitting there wondering what exactly I’m talking about so please allow me to provide a little more information…

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition is the world’s largest nutrition school, but it’s so much more than a nutrition school. Even in their signature Health Coach Training Program, you don’t just learn about kale and quinoa and walk out as a certified health coach. Here are just some of the topics IIN’s Health Coach Training program will cover…

  • Over 100 dietary theories 
  • Different types of exercise
  • Why sleep and hydration are so important 
  • How to be a coach and help others, including how to hold space and listen, how to guide someone into making healthy choices and improve their behaviors, and how to speak to a room
  • How to start and run a business, including how to set up a website, write a newsletter, track income and expenses, manage employees, and market yourself

As you can see, these lessons and skills are valuable whether you want to work as a health coach or not. I have friends and colleagues who had previously graduated from business school, and even they learned a lot from IIN!

Something else people might not know is that IIN also offers courses like Chopra Life CoachingChopra Meditation CertificationHormone HealthGut Health, and more. Click here to learn more about all of their course offerings.

So, why am I gushing about IIN? I can now offer each of you 20% off all IIN & Chopra courses with code ROBYNYOUKILIS20 during their summer sale!

Here are the upcoming start dates for just some of their classes:

  • July 22nd: Health Coach Training Program
  • July 22nd: Hormone Health Class
  • August 26th: Gut Health class
  • October 28th: Chopra Yoga

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for a course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition but always come up with some excuse, I’m here to give you permission to finally do it! Even if this program doesn’t exactly fit with what you think you “should” be doing, you can sign up simply because you want to!

I feel immense gratitude to IIN for opening up my world, literally handing me the tools to become successful in my work, and showing me I can actually have fun in my job!

Still have questions? Send me email and we can talk it out, or contact IIN directly by calling (877) 730-5444 (or if you’re outside the US call +1 (513) 776-0960).



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