June 4, 2024

I’ve Never Felt Like This Before In My Entire Career

I’m talking less than I ever have in my entire career. 

In all my years on this planet of leading, teaching, talking, I’ve never talked less. 

Why? Well, in general I’ve had a much harder time showing up online lately, and I’ve craved privacy like I never have before. I go to share, and while it used to feel fun and easy for me, instead I feel something within gently pulling me back. I was def judging myself for feeling that resistance, telling myself “you’re a coach, a teacher. It’s your job to show up and share”, but recently, the more I lean in, the more I’m at peace trusting and letting it go.

It feels like everything in the world is so noisy right now, and that’s because it is. Maybe you’ve felt this way too? I realized, if I want to be part of the change, creating less noise in the world, it’s time for me to change too. When I listen more closely to my intuitive knowing that I need to get quiet, I feel things more deeply that want to be brought to the light, thoughts that I’ve potentially been pushing down due to all the noise. 

It’s when I lean more into quiet, modalities like subtle energy work and healing, quiet spaces and solo walks, that I can be with myself and my thoughts.

I dive into this more deeply in a recent workshop I ran for my Hot Mama program – you can listen here. The key takeaways were:

  1. Breathe and allow your physical self, emotional self, and energetic self to soften.
  2. Trust that everything will be okay, even if it’s uncomfortable right now.
  3. Come back to the practices and rituals that ground you and give you purpose. Whether that’s being fully present with family, lighting a candle, or going for a walk instead of watching a TV show – whatever supports your spirit.
  4. Keep putting capital F fun things on your calendar, even if you have to fight for them! Whatever lights you up, keep doing it because you need it, and it’s more than ok that you need it.

>> Because I’m in this deeper quiet and truly honoring it, I’ve felt called to create a quieter space for you too, where I can help nourish you through intuitive guidance and healing.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, grappling with something that you just can’t seem to shift? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed, spending way too much time in fight or flight mode? Do you keep hearing a small, persistent voice inside saying, “I need deeper support”? 

If any of these resonate with you, then my next unique offering, BREAKTHROUGH, could be just what you need…

It’s so simple, 3 intuitive healing sessions all about you. I will be bringing ALL the magic to help you BREAKTHROUGH one professional and one personal focus so you can reach your fullest potential. 

If you’re ready to take the next step just click this link to purchase and then you’ll receive a follow-up email with information about scheduling and next steps. 

If you have questions simply reply to this email and my team will connect with you. I’m offering up 5 spots for this work and there are 4 left. 

Here’s to your quiet, your own inner knowing, and your breakthrough 🌟


PS For the first time ever I’m offering 3 intuitively guided healing sessions. No program container. No group. So simple. Just for you. You can register for them here.

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