June 28, 2013

LA Fun

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a fun photo journal from my annual spring Los Angeles trip!  Enjoy!

Insane Eats








breakfast and laptop

Piled high sandwich radishes




Top left – Green “ice cream” from Erewhon market, the original health food store.

Top right – My very own delicious breakfast creation – sourdough toast topped with kale, a fried egg and hemp seeds!

Bottom left – This is the kind of food LA coffee shops serve, kale salads, homemade guacamole, oh my!

Bottom middle – Who says you can’t be healthy at Coachella?  I immediately drove to the local health food joint and enjoyed this delicious sandwich.  I also got a Moby sighting! Fun

Bottom right – The best radish dish I’ve ever eaten in my life at Eveleigh, a delicious farm-to-table style restaurant


Fun with Friends

Robyn-blackjacketwhiteshirt Robyn-Alissa-WomanCode Robyn-hatsunglasses






Robyn-Run 4.22.2013








Top left – My dear friend and incredible actress on ABC’s Scandal, Katie Lowes

Top middle – I was lucky enough to co-host the LA book launch of my friend Alisa Vitti’s book, WomanCode!  A must buy for all ladies

Top right – Friends and fitness fanatics, my girl Alli Hagendorf and I post power workout sesh

Bottom left – A former client and now friend, Tiffany and I participated in a fundraising run for the Boston marathon bomb victims

Bottom right – My newest OBSESSION, Shape House LA, an urban sweat lodge, I got my sweat on daily and made fast friends with Shannon the Shoeologist


Joyful Scenery

robyn-farmersmarket orangetree

robynlemonade loveonsidewalk







From left to right: Farmer’s market fun with giant onions, an insanely delicious orange tree outside our home, dining at a fav cafe Lemonade, and awesome graffiti on a morning run.


LA Sunset festivalsunsetpalmtrees feetinsandandocean








From left to right: Out of control sunsets, a nighttime farmer’s market, toes in the ocean, and filming The Today Show on the NBC lot!


I hope you enjoyed some of the fabulousness that I experienced in LA this Spring.  What kind of awesome things do you have going on where you live?  I’d love to hear about it!

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