July 21, 2023

My Best Tips + Hello Europe

Heading into the weekend I wanted to check in with you…

Do you have something FUN on your calendar this weekend?

Like truly, deeply, laugh-til-you-cry, dance your face off, smile so big, soul humming FUN?

In my recent webinar (replay here) I taught about how regular “fun injections” are a non-negotiable for me. 

If I don’t have these things scheduled, or I don’t make them a priority, I start to feel it. 

I pick more fights with my husband.

I’m shorter with my kids.

And I’m definitely not showing up as my best self in my business. 

So I make fun a priority. 

I have “small f” fun on the calendar every week.

And I have “big F” fun on the calendar every few months.

My Best Tips

What’s fun for me, may not be fun for you.

And what was fun for you in your 20s, may not be your vibe now.

Most of us weren’t taught to prioritize fun as adults, and as a result many of us have no idea what actually IS fun for us, and fun for us now.

Let me help you find your fun. 

Ask yourself:

– What was fun for me as a child?

– What constituted a “good time” in my younger adult years? Concerts? Travel? Big nights out dancing? There’s probably a thread here that’s still fun (although maybe with a bit less booze lol)

– What lights me up and makes me lose track of time?

Let yourself meditate or journal on these questions. Better yet, I challenge you to brainstorm 25 activities that are fun for you. 

Finding your fun is just one piece of the equation. Making it happen is another conversation. 

My first tip is to schedule it. Like I shared above, I make sure I have some sort of small fun on the calendar every single week. Yes, every week.

Those bigger fun moments – travel, trips, retreats, etc – may only happen once a year, or once every other year especially if you have young kids. That’s okay! What’s important (at least for me) is that I know it’s coming. There’s such power in having something to look forward to. 

My second tip is to find people that support you having more FUN in your life. 

What I dislike most about mommy wine culture is that it often comes with a vibration of negativity. Sure parenting can be hard, but we can choose to connect on the beautiful, joyful moments instead. 

We can choose to find people who seek joy and fun in all the moments of life too. 

biz tips

If you’re craving more people who send you a dance party playlist (on a Tuesday morning), who invite you to yoga, who say “Let’s get Reiki certified together!”, who amplify and celebrate your FUN…

Then I invite you to join us inside Hot Mama!!

Hot Mama is my *new* coaching program and community for women who are ready to go with their gut, have more FUN and be surrounded by a supportive group of women who get it. 

Learn more + join Hot Mama TODAY!

PS. My family and I are leaving today for three weeks in Europe! Definitely a “big F” fun moment. Follow along on Instagram for some BTS of our travels (and you know I’ll keep it real, real traveling with two littles)

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