November 23, 2021

My solution for quick meals I don’t have to cook!

Do you struggle to get balanced quick meals on the table every night?

As a mom and entrepreneur, I hear you! Some days there just isn’t enough time (or energy!) to whip up something healthy that the whole family loves. And there’s only so many times you can make pasta! 

That’s where my friend Diane Sanfilippo’s company, Balanced Bites, comes into my life.

Diane and I have been friends forever, initially connecting through social media. She’s one of those women who lifts everyone up around them. She even invited me to go on a book tour with her when my second book was coming out, and we’ve been even closer friends ever since.

Balanced Bites, her amazing company, offers healthy frozen meals, spices, granola, and snacks delivered straight to your door. I talk about the spices and granola all the time on my Instagram stories, but recently tried the meals for the first time. I didn’t think the meals could be as good as they seem (or look!) on the website, and I’m happy to report that they’re even better!

My favorite thing about these meals is that they taste homemade. They could be restaurant quality but they’re not so rich and heavy like “Ugh, I ate at a restaurant and I can’t breathe.” They’re a hearty amount of  food and are oh-so delicious. And even better for simple, every day yummy food. 

My current favorite is the spaghetti squash bolognese bake. I stocked up my freezer with meals for postpartum and can’t recommend them enough!

The best part about Balanced Bites is that you can select one of the boxes or customize your own!

I’ve shared about Diane so much on social media and I wanted to make sure you were all in the know too. Head on over to Balanced Bites website to try my fave healthy meals and use my code, ROBYN to get $15 off your purchase.

I hope you enjoy!

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