May 11, 2015

Need more energy? 3 Quick Tips Inside! [Plus a special invitation]

For many of my clients, weekends can be the most challenging times to make healthy decisions. That goes for me too, especially when I’m traveling or at an event. This past weekend was my sister-in-law’s wedding and as her maid of honor, there was a lot on my plate too.

IMG_6240I wanted to make sure she felt great, was happy and everything went smoothly. And I’m happy to say it did! It truly was a weekend of celebration, love and family. I’ll never forget it.

I also ate. A lot. Lol. Anyone who knows me knows that wedding cake is my favorite thing ever and I think I took the largest piece of cake I saw them cut. Did I worry about it? Heck no! It was all in the spirit of celebrating. But now that I’m back in NYC and finishing my book I want to feel energized, clear and focused for the week ahead. And I assume you do too. 🙂 So, here are my Top 3 Tips for Immediate Energy so you can start your week feeling your absolute best: 


  1. Up your chewing game. I know that as my Your Healthiest You crew you guys know this, I talk about it again and again (and it will be a whole chapter in my upcoming book!) but I reeeeally want to drive this point home. If you’re currently chewing 20-30 times per mouthful up it to 50. And your liquids too (gives them a chance to mix with the enzymes in the saliva in your mouth). Try it for three days and report back on the blog how your energy levels are.
  2. Think about your food choices for the next few days. Do you have plans on the calendar? Can you reschedule anything? Do a healthy food shop tonight? Basically I want you to set yourself up to make the best choices possible for your body so this making taking your food into your own hands. Need healthy recipe inspiration? I’ve got a ton for you here!
  3. Add in a little marine phytoplankton. Marine phyto-what? Yeah I know, it’s weird. But it works. This blue-green algae contains so many energizing cells, anti-oxidants, oxygen and more I can actually feel the exact moment it wears off! But beware of the taste! I mix mine with a little pure coconut water and then use the coconut water as a chaser. I promise it’s worth it though, I really love this product and the way it makes me feel.


 IMG_6241***Feel like you need to go a little deeper to get super duper energized? Maybe it’s time for a little cleanout without the crazy. I’ll be covering all that and more in my free Spring Workshop taking place May 13th @8PM EST. Learn the #1 MISTAKE most people are making with detoxing. Don’t wait, there’s limited space for this LIVE WEBINAR.

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Can’t wait to talk with you this week!


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