September 10, 2021

Need some extra support right now?

Going through a time of transition or feeling a little upside down? ME TOO

Things feel kind of coo coo right now, with a lot of us traveling again and off our usual routines, back to school, or even just the stress of life, our bodies and bellies are feeling it all. 

During these times of heavy transition I turn to my @NewChapterInc. supplement support team and I’m happy to share I’ve been feeling way back in balance the last few days. 

Here’s a few things in my New Chapter Supplement Support Pack helping me feel right side up again:

  • Stress Relief One Daily Multiherbal with Ashwagandha and calming Black Seed. This Multiherbal is formulated to help you chill out with powerful herbal benefits in just one pill a day. With Ashwagandha and Black Seed, you may experience subtle, positive changes in your mood, especially during crazy times.
  • Immune Defense with Vitamin C and Elderberry. Like all New Chapter supplements, Immune Defense is fermented with whole foods and probiotics designed to help your body absorb the nutrients. And this one helps to keep your immune system in tip-top shape so your body can activate its own natural immune defenses. With little ones, it’s so important for me to have a healthy immune system so I can take care of them! 
  • Lastly, your New Chapter multivitamin! I’m rocking the Perfect Postnatal, which delivers energy, mood, and lactation support. It’s designed with targeted nutrients recommended specifically for breastfeeding and energy support for busy moms. Don’t need postnatal support? Head to to find the multivitamin that’s best for you and your body. 

And because I’m all things gut health all the time, I’m always adding my New Chapter All-Flora Probiotic for extra digestive support! You may feel more balanced too, inside and out! 

What are some ways you’re helping your body and brain chill out right now? Share your strategies with us on Instagram!

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