February 26, 2021

Only You Can Make Yourself A Priority

While I was doing a 5-minute meditation this week a big message came through: “only you can make yourself a priority” (see 5 minutes is plenty!).

Wow. Coming off a kind of funky week where I wanted to put blame anywhere else I could, making this connection was pretty powerful. 

I realized in that moment (or was reminded rather) that no one can do self-care for you. No one can meditate for you. No one can take the course or the workshop or the program that’s in your heart for you. 

It has to come from you. And you can trust whatever is coming through for you is there for a reason. 

That can be a commitment to 3 deep breaths, a daily intention (grace, compassion and forgiveness are popular ones for me lately), or going big and finally saying yes to enrolling in the Integrative Institute for Nutrition.  

There are just 3 more days to take advantage of their incredible offer of $2200 off pay in full tuition this month. 

And yes, you can be the sole reason for saying yes! Because you are your very highest priority. 

make yourself a priority

If you enroll in the Integrative Institute of Nutrition by February 28th using my name [Robyn Youkilis], you can save up to $2,200 off tuition when paid in full or over $1,700 (25%) off a monthly payment plan. This is a very special offer I’ve never seen before! The next class begins March 15th and you can enroll by calling (855) 883-1020. Plus, I’ll be sending you a signed copy of my best selling book,Thin From Within and my Meal Prep Workshop!

Also, I did a really fun IG Live with IIN on Wednesday talking all about my career as a Health Coach. If you want to hear more about my journey, check it out here.

Today, I’m choosing to take the 5 minutes I can sneak in to meditate rather than turning to my phone out of habit. And let me tell you, I feel like a totally different person! 

Comment below and tell me what are you committed to doing just for you today?





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