October 10, 2018

Podcast Roundup

I never wanted to write a book about weight loss. In fact, it was exactly the topic I didn’t want to discuss – there is so much stigma (especially in the health and wellness world) around wanting to lose weight, and for a good reason. Often times the desire to lose weight comes from an external pressure or societal conditioning or even our own less than loving view of ourselves.

But sometimes the desire comes from a place within us – a place that knows that we can take better care of our bodies, both physically and emotionally, and that excess weight (or our troublesome digestive issues) is really just a symptom of another issue that needs to be looked at and cared for.

So I wrote Thin From Within and I came to realize that the very topic I was scared to discuss (weight loss), was exactly the conversation that needed to happen.

In the book, I strove to create a very sane, very “now age” way to approach weight loss. I wanted to provide the space for women to talk about their struggles with their bodies and their weight, and an opportunity to own their goals, weight loss focused or not.

Over the past 5+ months I’ve continued to revisit this conversation – sharing about my book and it’s teachings here with you, on social media, and as a guest on some of my favorite podcasts.

Today I’m sharing some of the more recent podcast episodes so that you can join (or simply listen in to) this exact conversation and the specific way I teach and talk about “weight” loss.

Talking about your health and your body doesn’t have to be taboo.

Earn Your Happy
Episode 275: Go With Your Gut: The Journey of Releasing Emotional and Physical Weight With Robyn Youkilis
What we talked about: 
– My relationship with food and how it changed at 13
– The emotional and physical weight of not living in alignment
– How I learned to slow down, connect with my body and intuition

Woke + Wired
Episode 20: Intuitive Entrepreneurship
What we talked about:  
– What my day-to-day looks like as an online marketing and wellness entrepreneur, author and a holistic health coach
– My manifestation process when it comes to business
– The power of launching things before you think you’re ready
– ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How I overcame fear and doubt to put myself out there

Inspired Conversations 
Episode 401: Robyn Youkilis, Certified Health Coach, Author, Speaker
What we talked about:
– The energetic part of weight loss
– Loving your body while making your healthy goals
– My journey from a love of food and cooking to loving my body
– Why asking what your body needs will support you

August 14th Episode: How To Get Intuitive About Everything (Not Just Your Diet) With Robyn Youkilis
What we talked about:
– My post-pregnancy body breakthrough
– How I came to my different definition of “thin”
– All things intuition and how to go from deprivation to embracing your body’s needs and wants
– Some of the tools I’ve used to help build a healthier relationship with food

Episode 151: Go With Your Gut for the Healthiest You with Robyn Youkilis
What we talked about:
– Crying + Running = Crunning
– Who I was in my early 20’s (hint: I definitely was NOT a health coach then)
– How gut and intuition became the focus of my business
– Emotional weight

Period Party
Episode 102: Finding Your Intuitive Food Voice
What we talked about:  
– All about my coaching practice Your Healthiest You
– Mindful eating – what it is and tools for practicing it
– How to listen and trust your gut
– Digestive health for women’s health and hormones

Where are you joining the #ThinFromWithin conversation from? Snap a photo of you listening or grab a screenshot of the podcast and share with us all on Instagram – make sure to tag me @RobynYoukilis and the hosts so we can see your posts!

P.S. Loved these podcasts? If you don’t have your copy of Thin From Within order it here today!

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