March 5, 2014

What Are You Craving? There’s a Snack for That!

You love to snack.

I love to snack.

We all love to snack.

So how can we keep it healthy when our cravings are often all over the place (salty, sweet, salty AND sweet!) and we find ourselves constantly in a rush? How do we replace the supposedly “healthy” energy bars, pretzels, chips, and everything else that’s floating around our office with healthy alternatives?

Simple! Find ways to upgrade! Try my Apple Snack Stack below or any of my healthy snack recipes I feature on this blog. You can even assemble this guy at work, just keep a sharp knife around. (Share this!)


Apple Snack Stack


Apple, sliced into full rounds

Thin schmears (technical cooking term) of almond butter


Sprinkle of sea salt




I’ll sometimes eat it like a layered cake with a fork and knife slicing all the way through! If you need it to be an on the go treat slice the apple into quarters after assembling and store in a baggie or storage container.

That’s it. Total win!

Looking for a salty and crunchy combo? How about sweet and spicy? Check these out:

Sweet Potato Chips

Lemon, Coconut, and Ginger Energy Bars

What are your favorite healthy quick snacks? Share in the comments below!

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