April 22, 2022

Reflections From A Magical Weekend

Recently, I had the absolute honor of hosting 15 amazing women in the Rockstar Mastermind for a 2-day retreat in Brooklyn. You can check out the fun recap reel here! We meditated, had guest speakers like Dana Bowling on marketing, Manari Ushigua on dream work, and a Cacao Ceremony by Nana Marina. We moved, we laughed, we cried, and most importantly, we connected.

Every retreat is different and this one was no exception. In 13 years, I’ve never seen a group so collectly uplevel. The shifts in the room were truly tangible.

There were so many Moments of Magic that I wanted to list some of them to share with you:

  • In a 20 minute meditation we went from sun, to a dark thunderstorm, to birds chirping and the sun back out shining again all while everyone’s eyes were closed. 
  • We married indigiedous cultures with the modern online world
  • When Sápara leader, Manari spoke on Dreams, he kicked off his chat by suggesting Robyn’s spirit wanted us to cleanse our faces without knowing in an hour we had a Tata Harper Green Beauty Class planned which had been kept a secret from all participants. 
  • The question “Tell me about yourself” during a cacao ceremony with Nana Marina turned into a gateway reading for life changes for each person in the room.

Have you had any Moments of Magic lately? It was a good reminder that magic happens when we release into the divine flow. 

“The weekend ignited something in each of us… and we all ignite something in each other too…
a constellation.” – Rachael Hall (Rockstar Masterminder) 

Connection was the biggest theme of the weekend. Connection to self, our businesses, our clients, families, and communities. I kept saying, “Never underestimate the power of a weekend like this to change the whole year or your whole life.” And wow, did that prove so true! 

Speaking of connection, we’re so grateful to our sponsors who filled our bellies and giftbags with the most amazing, nourishing food and treats to go home with.

New Chapter; Your Joyologist; Siete Foods; Purely Elizabeth; Matchaful; Tata Harper Skincare; Redmond Real Salt; Cacao Junajpu; Sakara Life; gimMe Seaweed; Agni; Rasa; DailyDose 

This retreat was so special, it’s been hard to put into words and I’m just so grateful the Universe brought all of us together! 

P.S. Rockstar is currently closed for enrollment, but if you want to be the first to know when we open the doors click here. We have some really exciting and BIG plans for this incredible community coming. <3

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