July 14, 2022

Rockstar Business Mastermind Wrap Up

Will you take a minute to celebrate something really big with me? 

rockstar business mastermind

Last month I wrapped up the first cycle of my Rockstar Business Mastermind and I wanted to take a pause to celebrate and shout out all our Rockstars’ wins! If you work in the online marketing world, are a health coach, or someone passionate about helping people in the world, I think you’ll find their stories something worth celebrating with me: 

Brett @brettcortell is getting her website back up, running, and refreshed after a much needed post pandemic hiatus and is feeling inspired to do a lot of writing this summer. She has big plans for the next version of her business, something I know is going to have a major impact on how we “rest well”. 

Claire @claireharveyphoto is celebrating her doing more of what scares her and being open to asking for help where she needs it! The headshots she took for the Rockstars were amazing too and gave everyone so much confidence online. Book her for a branding session here

Cristie @drcritzking: comes out of Rockstar Round 1 inspired to finally feel that she can play bigger, which is amazing because she has so much to offer. Check out her amazing love notes on IG

Danielle @daniellefaystern allowed Rockstar to be a place for her to start taking steps towards “the doing”, and getting clear on her professional/higher purpose aspirations. The pause and integration part of bringing new work is sacred!

Erin @resiliencehealing was able to transform her social media resistance and truly show up online consistently, without drama and with way more joy. She’s an incredible energy worker. You can check out her amazing posts and offerings here

Heather @heatherpierceg not only participated in the Mastermind, but led the Rockstars in a brilliant copywriting workshop. She even teamed up with some of the women to help find the perfect words to launch offerings. She’s feeling more inspired to share her cooking class offerings again and we can’t wait to how it all unfolds. 

Jesse @j.krux came out of the Mastermind with the intelligence to differentiate between her priorities and goals (there’s an important difference!) and is launching a huge project soon! We can’t wait to share more with you. 

Katherine @katherine_anne_wellness shifted the structure of her acupuncture practice to include health coaching and is now attracting ideal clients without sacrificing her needs or schedule. You can check out her amazing services here

Lindsay @lindsayraffell used the Mastermind to tap back into her business side after focusing on being a mom for the last few years. This included getting an office space and continuing her big plans for the only private farm in Los Angeles complete with retreat and educational offerings.  

Meagan @megfitz.gerald: Has been making pivotal investments in herself and was able to launch a business focused coaching program, a new version of her body confidence course Abundant Body, and The Set: a movement and mindminset membership. Let’s all join Meagan for a class!

Rachael @_rachael_hall is rebranding and relaunching her membership with a new name as well – Aligned! SO GOOD. She recommitted to prioritizing herself and her travel (not easy as a mom of two littles) and even made two trips from the UK to the US for the in person retreats. 

Rhianne @believeinyourhealth: Ran a successful Sugar Vacay group and is currently launching her first group coaching: EAT.MOVE.BELIEVE. And she’s upleveled with so much confidence, flow and FUN. 

Sara @saragreenhealthcoach: brought more awareness and community to her beautiful book: Gifts from Losing You and has followed her joy creating sold out cooking workshops that fill her kitchen, her heart and all her coaching spots! 

Shannon at @adios_candida shifted back into focusing on business after being in Mom mode and led to very successful retreats in Ojai and Italy. She’s finding new expansion in her business, moving from candida coaching to include more of her mindset practices. Follow her so you can know where she’s going next! 

Victoria @victoriamannifest used Rockstar to get clear about what she offers + where she’s heading and is now launching the course Intuitive CLAIRity that you can now sign up for! Some of us have also gotten to experience her magic as an angel card reader, and let us tell you, Victoria is beyond gifted. 

YOU LADIES ARE ALL SO AMAZING!! And what’s true for all of them is that they found genuine community in this often lonely online world. We all need feedback from people we trust. I’ve been so honored to create this space with them and couldn’t be more excited for Round 2 starting this fall for this group! 

If you’re reading this and feeling inspired, I mean how could you not?! Then I want to encourage you to sign up for my newest workshop, The Outlier Entrepreneur: 3 secrets to being the one who makes it on Thursday, July 21 from 12-1:30PM EST. After 13+ years in business, 2 best selling books (and counting), and hundreds of VIP clients, I’ve developed the skills to keep my business moving forward and I can’t wait to share them with you in this new workshop: Register here.

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