June 28, 2016

My shocking 7-11 suggestion…

Those of you who have been in the Your Healthiest You world for a while know that my husband and I {and now baby Navy too!} love to travel. While we regularly fly across the country, summer time also involves quite a few road trips, usually for long weekends up at my family’s home in Vermont.

Summer holidays, like the one coming up this weekend, typically get people in the car and on the road, so today I’m sharing my favorite road trip snacks. My wish is that if you get stranded at 7-11 you’ll know exactly what to reach for instead of a Twix or Muddy Buddy Chex mix. I’ve shared my favorite travel tips, including recipes that I make, with you before, but today we are going to cover products on the market that you can grab wherever you go. Just in case you don’t have time to make yourself up a kale salad before hitting the road 😉

Here are the best gas station options that won’t leave you feeling tanked {HA! :P}:

Bars – People are always asking for bar suggestions, and while I don’t recommend them as a go-to all the time, there is a reason they exist and are so popular. Especially for travel, it’s useful to have one or two of these stashed away {I’ve linked the specific flavors/varieties I go to}: Macrobar minis, Bulletproof Vanilla Collagen, KIND and Rise.

Protein powder packets – While you probably won’t find these at an actual gas station, like bars, individual packets of protein powder are a great option to have in your bag when on the go. I like the Vega protein because it tastes good when just mixed with water.

Nuts – If you can’t get bulk, raw, organic nuts before you head out, there are some options that you can find most anywhere. Reach for almonds, cashews, or pistachios; skip anything that is candied or honey roasted and look for ones with just the nuts, oil and salt listed as ingredients. You guys know what I say – nuts are not popcorn! – so watch your portion with these. Even the smaller “individual” sized packages tend to have 2 or 3 servings.

Yogurt  – Greek yogurt 0% or 2% is the best. If that’s not an option, reach for any plain or vanilla variation, and skip the ones with the flavors or fruit (generally these have WAY more sugar added in). If you want fruit with your yogurt, buy a banana or berries and add it in yourself.

Tuna – Many gas stations and rest stops now carry some sort of tuna pouches. You can also buy your own, like these, in advance to keep handy for road trips or busy weeks.

String cheese – You know I love my cheese… and while 7-11 probably doesn’t carry the organic goat’s milk cheddar that I buy from my local health foods store, I know a protein rich cheese snack is often a better choice for me than a sugar bomb granola bar.

Potato chips – Oooo… you didn’t think a health coach would recommend potato chips did ya? Now this does not give you a pass to chow down on any old chip. If you are craving a salty crunch, pick a chip with minimal ingredients (potatoes, oil, salt) and use a better oil (olive oil ideally vs canola or vegetable oil). They’re gluten-free and crazy enough, a healthier options than a lot of “healthy” chip type substitutes (I’m looking at you “veggie” straws!).

Bottom line: make the best decision you can in that moment. Can’t find the perfect protein bar or yogurt cup? Take a deep breath and relax! {Tweet that!} It’s what we do most of the time (every morning, every day at 4PM, every weekend) that has the biggest impact on our health and our waistlines, not the things we do on one weekend or one road trip.

Safe driving!


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