October 23, 2013

Taking the Mystery Out of Weight Loss call

Robyn-and-client1When I started my journey to becoming my healthiest me, I began to eat healthy foods but I was still gaining weight. I couldn’t understand why.

I was DOING the kale!  I massaged, steamed, blended and juiced but yet I was still 10-15 lbs heavier than I wanted to be.

I realized that it went deeper than what I was eating. From my own experience and the transformational work I have done with clients, I know that you can lose weight and feel better in your body without changing a thing in your diet.

You CAN find what I call, Food Freedom.

I’m hosting a free class on Taking the Mystery Out of Weight Loss: Why you might be gaining weight even though you are eating the healthy stuff (or at least trying to most of the time) and exactly what to do to get those extra pounds off.

Join me for an hour on Thursday, October 24th at 8 pm EST where you’ll learn:

  • My secret tool for finding Food Freedom (it’s simple and exactly what you need!)
  • What you need to do despite the sea of diet books and mountain of confusing information
  • How to heal from the emotional eating rollercoaster

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I can’t wait to share with you!

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