January 18, 2022

The 3 things you’re likely missing

A lot of us are really overwhelmed and life feels extra intense right now. I’m left wondering, if you’re a coach or entrepreneur, are you supposed to just put the intentional growth of your business on pause? I can’t imagine that’s what we’re meant to do right now. So, how do you keep helping people and living your purpose when so much is so unknown?  

Here are the 3 pieces of my business that have kept me growing and loving it over so many years:

1. My community that connects me

Anytime I share the truth of where I’m at and how I’m feeling in my work and life, I often have people that I love and respect in the coaching industry say, “me too.”

When you feel seen and heard, it allows you to take a deep breath and then just do the next right action in your work. 

These people that see and hear me so deeply? Well, some are people I’ve never actually met IRL but rather through social media, and some are my wellness peeps 4 life.

In addition to them supporting me in my lower moments, they’ve helped me find some of my highest moments:

  • My first book deal? I found my lit agent through a dear friend I met in a mastermind
  • The influencer who helped me grow my platform like crazy? A connection from a wellness event 
  • 6-figure deal with a major brand? Through a friend I met in a coaching group

You can have all the tactics in the world — the right launch formulas, the right hashtags — but the thing that really moves the needle? The connections you’ve made. 

Bonus exercise – write down your wellness peeps 4 life. Who do you turn to when you need to shake out a business idea or are craving some extra “I can do this” motivation? Feel like you may not have those people yet and you might need some professional support in this area? Keep reading… 

2. Experts who’ve figured it out to support me along the way

Whenever I feel really unclear as to the next best steps for my business ie run a program again, expand my evergreen offerings and so on, I know it’s time to turn to the experts. 

Every time I join a coaching program for myself or work with a respected consultant in my field, I gain clarity, insight and most importantly, ENERGY to move forward with my work. 

There are some things in business that are tried and true, like:

  • The mechanics of a launch 
  • Pricing strategies 
  • Timeless marketing principles  

Do you have these layers of your business figured out? I know there can be so much overwhelming information out there. Hot tip – not sure what to do next? Focus on one thing and do it really well. Need more support on what really well looks like for you? I’ve got you, keep reading…

3. Deeply intuitive magic, the really special part

Anytime I put myself and my needs to the bottom of the list, my work suffers. I’ve learned as an expert for 13+ years in this industry that I need to keep showing up for myself first and foremost. This has been the biggest and hardest lesson I’ve learned all along. 

In my early days, when I was fighting with my husband, it used to take me out for days of my business, and now that just doesn’t happen.

Sometimes what’s holding us back has nothing to do with the nuts and bolts of our business. It’s not your target market or your program upsells — but something in your subconscious that is keeping you stuck. 

When I began seeing deep healing as part of my business training, everything shifted. It helped me stay grounded, stay in my own energy, and keep showing up no matter what.

What do you do to stay grounded and maybe get that extra layer of woo woo in your work life? 

These 3 are the formula for me. I connect to them weekly in my work and continue to find new ways to grow and evolve, with these principles at the heart of it all. 

Do you need support and guidance around these 3 for you? In my newest coaching program, the Rockstar Business Mindset Mastermind, I’m going to teach you exactly how to have them for you and your business. 

Want the deets on the mastermind? Click here to be added to the waitlist.

If you’re a health or life coach, or creative entrepreneur, looking to uplevel your business, and are craving community and connection, the Rockstar Business Mindset Mastermind might be perfect for you. I can’t wait to share more soon. 

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