December 6, 2017

Thin From Within Meal Prep Workshop

The past few weeks have been a struggle in the mompreneur land. And more than that, if I’m really being honest, LIFE has felt a little overwhelming in general. Maybe it’s the fact that Navy’s been really sick, maybe it’s the holidays, or travel or all the things I’m trying to accomplish with my business, but more than once I’ve caught myself thinking…

“Is this even worth it?”

Is the night out with my husband worth all the coordination that goes into getting childcare for the evening, and the extreme fatigue when Navy wakes me up the next morning before the sunrise?

Is the increase in income from this media gig or program launch worth the time spent away from my child who seems to cling to me more than ever before?

And probably the biggest “worth it” question has come around my new book:

Is the stress and energetic weight of bringing this new book baby into the world worth it?

I felt myself in this place last week. I was Tired with a capital T, and feeling totally fried mentally. I had a few disappointing things happen within my business and I caught myself really wondering if I should give up and just be okay where I was at, instead of wanting to take things to the next level.

I reached out to a friend sharing how I felt and she lovingly reflected my situation back at me, in a way I hadn’t been able to see for myself:

“Of course you’re tired mama. Your heart deserves to feel tired and to reflect. You’re discovering what you really value – you have to sort through all of the old patterns and culturally informed believes. You’re discovering who you really are as a woman.

The good news is that on the other side of all the exhaustion, confusion and frustration that you’re not happy with things staying the same is a soul enlivening up-level, that will take you into an entirely deeper and more abundant and joyful space in your life and career.”

And in that moment when I read her words it clicked: of course I’m tired, of course I’m having all the feelings — my business, and my life, are going through a MASSIVE change.

Have you heard the saying “Nobody likes change except a baby with a wet diaper”? Well, it’s cute, but anyone who has a little one knows even babies don’t like their diaper changed.

Change can be scary because what’s on the other side is unknown. Whether the change is a small one like switching your morning coffee for matcha tea or something bigger like switching jobs or moving apartments or getting married, there’s usually some fear or resistance that comes along for the ride.

Sometimes we can see this resistance for what it is: a protection mechanism for keeping us “safe” where we are, but not necessarily happy. But mostly we’re blind to our own resistance. Instead, we beat ourselves up because we know better but for some reason we still can’t kick the third cup of coffee habit or get into a better routine with cooking or quit the job already.

Even if you have the tools, the resources, and the knowledge, it can still be a challenge to take that first step in a different direction.

Could this be happening to you and you don’t even realize it? Do you feel the flood of overwhelm and not sure where or how to move from where you’re at?

Let me help you take the first step.

No, I’m not sharing about a coaching program or asking you to commit to a 21-day plan, instead, I’m inviting you to join me where I start when things feel a little crazy or out of hand… the kitchen.

When I start to feel overwhelmed I know I need to take care of ME. To stop, drop, check in and just start in the most basic way possible – with my essential and primal nourishment, my fuel, my FOOD.

And what’s the #1 way that I can be sure that my food will be on point? Three words for ya…


Meal prepping gives me peace of mind because I know that I have food (and not just ingredients) ready to go in my fridge. It makes it so easy for me to choose the steamed greens and roasted veggies and nourishing fats that I know make me feel my best over crappy delivery and ready-to-reheat been sitting on the shelves or in the freezer forever packaged foods.

But just like most healthy habits there’s a lot of fear and misconceptions around meal prep. Thoughts like it has to take over your weekends, or that you’ll only be eating sad containers with 4oz of chicken breast and 1 cup of steamed broccoli, or that you’ll be hungry!

To cut through all the resistance and misconceptions I want to teach meal prep my way… the way that is easy, straight-forward, delicious and fun.

What if you could finally stop worrying about how to put together your lunches and what you’re making for dinner tonight? How much more space in your brain would that free up? How much better would you feel about everything else you’ve got going on in your life, knowing that your food is handled? And not just handled, but the calmest, grounding and supportive part of your life?

It is possible to feel calm in your kitchen and confident in your ability to bring together a delicious (and healthy) meal in a matter of minutes.

Let me teach you exactly how.

You’re invited to my…

Thin From Within Meal Prep Workshop
Meal Prep Workshop

Oh YES, all the stress was worth it because my second book baby, Thin From Within – The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight, is now officially available for pre-order! I’ll be sharing more over the next few weeks but I’m beyond proud for how vulnerable and game-changing this book is and I cannot wait for you to get your hands on it.


  • The specific recipes and foods I meal prep each week when I’m wanting to reset my gut (that will also please the pickiest kid or partner)
  • My 3 insider secrets to making meal prep something that you look forward to almost as much as the weekend itself
  • Exact step-by-step guidance on how to make meal prep an easy part of your weekly routine
  • PLUS a sneak peek at the Good Gut Rule of 5 that I teach in my new book, Thin From Within (i.e. what to put on your plate at every meal)

You’ll also receive a recording of the workshop and a downloadable guide of recipes and tips so you can have access to the material again and again!

Register for the workshop here!

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired or simply unmotivated in the kitchen (or life!), let this workshop be something you do for YOU.

You don’t need to buy fancy equipment or spend hours upon hours in the kitchen to start eating more healthy, home-cooked food that your body and soul are craving. This can be easy and fun, and I can’t wait to show you how.

This 2-hour workshop could change your entire year.

Register here.

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