February 20, 2018

Thin From Within Podcast Round Up

One of the most amazing things about having my new book out in the world is the conversations that this book is catalyzing. Thin From Within has only *officially* been out ONE week and already the stories, aha moments and simple words of thanks have been beyond my wildest dreams.

As I’ve shared in some of my recent interviews about Thin From Within, I didn’t want to write a weight loss book. When my publisher approached me with this proposal, I was resistant – I was scared to talk about weight loss, mainly because of the shame surrounding the topic in today’s wellness world.

However, the more I thought about it and worked on the book, the more I realized that THIS was exactly the conversation that needed to happen: I wanted to create a very sane, very now age way to approach weight loss. I wanted to provide the space for women to talk about their struggles with their bodies and their weight, and an opportunity to own their goals, weight loss focused or not.

And now the conversations are happening! Outside of social media, I’ve been a guest on some of my favorite podcasts AND made amazing connections during my in person events.

“I have been actively struggling to lose weight for the past 6 months and I was literally getting in my car to drive home from getting my bloodwork done to check my thyroid when I saw this podcast. I cannot believe how wildly relevant it was to what was on my heart right then, and it’s really shifted my perspective. It’s hard not to feel shame when everyone is constantly encouraging you to love yourself no matter what, yet the people who are telling you that look nothing like you do. So thank you. I woke up today with a lighter heart and new perspective. I can’t wait to read the book!”

“This episode was AMAZING and you ROCK mama! At times I thought you were talking directly to ME! My pregnancy absolutely changed how I view myself and my body, in a GREAT way. Love you ladies!”

“Wow! I just listened to your interview. And I have to say THANK YOU for all you shared! I am a recent graduate from IIN just starting my business and you just washed away my fears and worries.”

Robyn Podcast

Here’s how you can join the conversation:

  1. Listen to the podcasts I’ve been featured on:
  1. Come to one of my book tour events – LA this week + NYC next week!

Thanks for listening and sharing!

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