December 7, 2022

 Tools For Daily For Grounding

When Rachael Hall from the current Rockstar Mastermind led an incredible Franklin Method class for the Mentorship I knew I HAD to share one of her tools for daily for grounding and clarity. The class was a beautiful reminder that if we’re experiencing resistance around something both personal and professional to do a practice like Rachael’s FIRST. It really changes the whole game. 

 Tools For Daily For Grounding

Running your own business and life in general can be overwhelming, a way to really move through that is a practice that helps you come back to yourself. 

Here’s an exercise Rachael did with us that small, but impactful!

One Minute Standing Breathing Exercise 

Grab your phone. Set your timer to one minute. 

Stand with your eyes closed and notice your physical sensations. This is a minute to do absolutely nothing except simply be and exist. What is your breath like? How are you distributing your weight? What’s the temperature of your body? How is your posture? How do your clothes feel on your body? Notice all of this without any judgment. 

Your breath is a good gauge of how you’re doing both mentally and physically. Your mind follows your breath. Use your breath to let the mind settle. Set your intention to stay as aware of yourselves as possible. This exercise is permission to focus on yourself. 

In one minute so much can transform! Look at what the mentees said when we kept going deeper (and we’ll share how you can experience this too below!):

 Tools For Daily For Grounding

Wish you could keep going with this practice with Rachael? She has a brand new Membership Platform: Align with all her gorgeous offerings! From Pilates to Franklin Method to pelvic floor work, we deeply recommend it!! Plus, listening to her soothing voice always provides immediate support for my body.

PS: if you would like to go deeper, retreat style, join me in person OR virtually (NEW!) on December 9th in Brooklyn, NY for an immersive day of thoughtfully creating your plan for 2023 both professionally + personally. My goal is to have all attendees leave with a clear vision for the year ahead!

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