February 8, 2016

Want to know the juiciest parts of my book? [Insider sneak peek!]

I wrote a book for so many reasons but one of the best is that I now all have my favorite dishes in one happy place! Over the past few weeks I’ve loved sharing some of these recipes (and the totally drool-worthy photos from the book!), and now I get to see you making and enjoying them for yourself! It’s a seriously awesome next level experience for me in my work.

Besides the awesome recipes, did you know that Go with Your Gut is also a complete digestive health guide? You might be thinking what does that actually mean? What will I learn on those pretty pages? Today I’m giving you a sneak peek at the juiciest nuggets of wisdom that you’ll get from reading the book.

Here are the top 5 lessons from Go with Your Gut that will set your belly and your body free:

  1. My #1 tip for easy weight loss that you can practice anywhere (no juice cleanse or cabbage soup required)

  2. My Favorite Foods – code for foods that will have you pooping like a pro 😉

  3. How to banish bloat and break past weight-loss resistance (this may be what’s sabotaging your weight loss efforts!)

  4. Simple strategies and directions for reframing the way you think about meal times and making your own delicious food.

  5. The top 7 foods to avoid at all costs aka my “Keep it Out of the Home, Office, Car, Everyday Life List”!

Even though the book is currently out and ready to ship (which is still blowing my mind!), I’ve decided to extend the special pre-order bonuses for one more week! Just head to www.gowithyourgutbook.com to place your order and follow the instructions to retrieve your goodies!

Thanks again for all of your incredible support for this book baby. Hearing how much you love the book on social media and reading the flood of emails I’ve received has made me so over the moon happy. I also want to send say a special thank you to all who attended this past Thursday’s official launch party! Here are some photos from the magical evening (and I didn’t go into labor! Yay!).

photo credit: Steph Jensen Photography
photo credit: Steph Jensen Photography

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