October 15, 2021

My Famous Chicken Marbella Recipe

You can now eat my food without having to cook it!! I’m so proud to announce that one of my favorite recipes from my second book, Chicken Marbella, is now made fresh then frozen and shipped right to you in a Balanced Bites meal!

I’ve been eating and LOVING Diane Sanfilippo’s meals for a long time now (they absolutely saved me postpartum for one) and when she asked me to be a recipe contributor for her new fall menu, I legit squealed with joy!

You’ll love Diane’s meals because they taste 100% homemade, are ready whenever you need them, and are gluten, grain, and soy free and cooked with ghee or olive oil.

You’ll love my Chicken Marbella because it’s briney and savory from the olives and capers, a little sweet from the prunes, and I’m just going to use the word – luscious (mmhmm) from the slow cooked style. It’s served alongside a parsnip mash (a great for your gut veggie we don’t eat enough of) and steamed kale that somehow tastes delicious. I have no idea how. It’s some real Balanced Bites magic.

Order yours at balancedbites.com and be sure to use the code ROBYN for $15 off your first box! 

Have you tried Balanced Bites meals? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know over on Instagram!

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