September 12, 2013

What Do You Really Want? Here’s How To Get Clear

Robyn-walking-legWhat do you want?  Have you ever really sat and thought about it?  What do you REALLY desire?  Some would say more energy… others, enough stamina to run a marathon.  Maybe it’s just feeling good in your clothes again.  Whatever your “wants” may be, I have some great tips to help you find the motivation to achieve them!

1. Get real and clear about your want.  Is it something that you really want or is it just an afterthought?  Is it something you think you should want or do (the dreaded “shoulds”)?  Ask yourself, are you ready to put in the work to achieve it?  And if the answer is NO, scratch it off the list and move onto to something that truly motivates and excites you.  Once you get clear on what you want, the possibilities are not only endless, but they are personal and they are meaningful to you (and you’ll be that much more likely to do what it takes to get there).  So think about what you want to achieve and if the process sounds exciting to you, take your first step.

2. Small steps.  For some people it’s hard to find the motivation to achieve their goals because of the big commitment it takes to get there.  It can feel completely overwhelming and stop us before we even start.  Think about your goal and then decide on 3 small action steps.  Then commit to one action step every week (or even every two weeks!) and slowly over time you’ll accomplish a lot.  For example, if you want to lose 10 lbs. think about 3 small changes you can commit to, such as drinking more water, eating dark leafy greens at two meals per day and switching from afternoon pretzels to an apple and almonds. Way more doable than some crazy diet, right?

3. Love yourself!  Sometimes we tell ourselves that we don’t deserve the things that we want and should just focus on what we need.  But the truth is, you DO deserve to have what you want! It may sound corny but my friend Jenny and I constantly say to each other, “dreams do come true”!  Don’t sell yourself short and think, “that’s only for the lucky people”.  You deserve all things amazing, so now that you’re clear on what you want, be open to exactly that happening for you!  Loving ourselves and knowing that we deserve it = better relationships, a healthier mindset, and best of all, a happier reflection in the mirror.

What are some goals that you’ve been hoping to achieve lately?  Let me know in the comments below.

A special thank you to all who participated in the #YHYVirtualVacation Challenge!  Congratulations to our winners:
Stephanie K. – Zoku Shop’s Single Quick Pop Maker
Shannon E. – Zoku Shop’s Slush & Shake Maker
Tanya B. – A copy of the {Healthy} Cooking Camp Cookbook
Jamie G. – 1 full Health Coaching session with me!
Fiona W. – 1 mini Health Coaching session with me!

I’m so happy that you all had a great time participating in the #YHYVirtualVacation Challenge. It was a blast hearing about all of your vacation moments!


PS Hey NYC area peeps! I have 4 spots left in Robyn’s Cooking Club on September 25th, grab your spot TODAY!

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