February 1, 2024

What To Do When You Get An Hour To Yourself…

The season of “wintering” is officially here in the northeast – AKA slowing down, doing less, and savoring slower moments of self-care. 

This is def a little harder to embrace as a mama, and really any modern busy AF folks honestly, but let’s say you actually are able to carve out some real time for yourself…. do you know what you would do with that time THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE SCROLLING ON YOUR PHONE??? 

In this email I’m covering what to do when you actually DO get an hour to yourself! So you don’t lose that precious time in a social media hole: 

  • Bring in the Heat – There’s something incredibly soothing for the body about warm anything. Heat of any kind slows me down and drops me into my body so quickly. A few heat forward activities to try in your downtime – make yourself a real cup of tea, in your favorite mug, brewed from actual tea leaves. Try a hot water bottle to snuggle up with (this is a great non toxic one on Amazon), or my personal fave, consider investing in a bio mat or sauna blanket (I have Higher Dose ones, here’s my code ROBYN15) or schedule time to get to a sauna if you can. The warmth will not only relax your body but also slow down your mind, creating a perfect time for some much-needed peace and quiet.
  • Dive into Fiction – Help your go go go brain chill out by having fun in the world of fiction. I always have a stack of fiction books I actually want to read ready to go. When I don’t, guess what I turn to at night? MY PHONE. No thanks! My other favorite tip – go into real bookstores! I always find new authors and books I can’t wait to read. Plus, you’re supporting those stores staying in business. I am slightly embarrassed to admit but I loved the Aven Ellis Royals Series books, and way less embarrassed to admit I love anything from Emily Henry. Kelsey from Team YHY loves anything from Sarah J. Maas (for a little fantasy mixed with romance) or The Zodiac Academy (think Harry Potter meets fae meets star crossed lovers). 
  • Choose your own adventure – take a few minutes right now to think about what you love to do at odd times (bath in the middle of the day or going for a walk even though it’s dark out). Maybe you love to bake and want to try out some new recipes or you have an art hobby you need to dust off the shelves, knitting, scrapbooking, etc., YOU DO YOU! Whatever you do, don’t give into the temptation of scrolling the whole time on social media. It def has its place, but I am always left thinking, “where did the time just go”? I want that precious time back for you! 

So, let this winter (no matter where you live!), be a season of intentional me-time. 

Happy Wintering,


PS: Team Your Healthiest You is Hiring! We’re looking for a fabulous NYC local Assistant! Apply here or pass the job posting along to anyone you think would be a great fit! 

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