September 18, 2018

The Your Healthiest You Office Essentials

For almost a decade I ran my business from a combination of home, coffee shops, (especially during book writing times) and bakeries. I loved the flexibility of being able to work from wherever, and on my own schedule.

If I wanted to go to a SoulCycle class in Union Square one afternoon, I could pick a work spot near there. If I was craving a more relaxed day, I could take my coaching calls from my couch. If my husband and I were traveling, I’d find a cute spot to hunker down at for a few hours while also feeling like I was getting a taste of local living.

As both my business and my family grew, working from wherever started to feel less like a luxury and more like a hassle. Would the coffee shop around the corner have strong enough WiFi today? Would the baristas give Emily and me a hard time for eating our packed lunches (Rule of Five plates, almost always!) on the bench outside? Would Navy nap as planned or would she stay awake and want to play if we were around?

Pretty quickly it became clear to me that Your Healthiest You was ready for an office.  

After trying out a number of different co-working spaces, we finally found a place that felt like a good fit in May. We’ve spent the summer getting settled in and set up and today I’m so excited to reveal the office to you!

This space is nothing fancy but my team and I have put intention into making it feel like home. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, mom or someone working a more traditional 9-5, I hope you’ll find inspiration in how we’ve outfitted our office with both some practical and more woo-woo touches.

Below are some of the key items we purchased to make the office feel more like home:

  • Luxury Soft Faux Sheepskin Chair Cover Seat  –  Faux fur has always been a yes in my style book- it can be both extremely glamorous and luxurious, taking office decor to a whole new level. We scored these extremely affordable chair covers and it took the office seats from so-so to glam! Plus, I love how these faux sheepskins remind me of being in a Kundalini yoga class.

  • Clear Computer Monitor Stand Riser –  Tired of bending over your laptop or desktop? So were we, so we went with this computer riser. Our laptops are now perfectly positioned at the ideal height, with the center of the screen at eye level.

  • Multifunctional Office Desk Pad – The desks provided by our workspace were not in the best shape – they were a light wood with water marks and rough spots. Adding in these desk pads did wonders by providing a lighter, smoother surface for us to do our work. Added bonus? No mouse pad required with these babies.

  • doTERRA Essential Oils – Those of you who follow Emily (@emilynachazel) know that she’s a big essential oil fan. Essential oils are great for so many things including stress reduction, improving digestion and generally just making a space smell more welcoming. Our favorites in the office are Lavender (for calming the nerves), Peppermint (for bellyaches and headaches alike) and Balance (a special doTERRA blend that is super grounding).

  • Maha Living Sage Smudge Stick KitSmudging with palo santo wood or sage clears the energy of a space. The smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response. We don’t burn these every day, but when we do there’s a noticeable shift in the energy of the office. Tip: It’s great to burn sage when you want to clear out all energy from a space (like when you move in someplace new or if you want to start fresh for a season). Palo santo is a little lighter and is said to only clear away the negative energy.  

After checking out the blog post, I’d love to hear from you: Do you work from an office, home or elsewhere? What are your must-haves for creating an intentional and functional workspace? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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