February 8, 2024

You’re Allowed To Hate Your Husband [Podcast Ep!]

My clients are the LITERAL best! I recently got to be on my client Remi Stern’s podcast, “You’re Allowed To Hate Your Husband” (that title tho right lol) and we chatted about living your best life, embracing the chaos from a new perspective, and showing up as your most vibrant self.

This episode is a must listen, but I wanted to hit the highlights for you below! 

  • Balancing the chaos – My trick to balancing the chaos is to let myself be ALL the parts of it. I show up when I am messy and chaotic just as much as I show up when I am vibrant and full of energy. Because every part and experience of that part of who I am. And I do try to bring in more chill to the chaos whenever I can. We can’t hide from chaos but we can take a deeeep breath and do our best to embrace it.
  • Living from your intuition – I’m all about making those gut choices in life (I wrote a book on it!) but I know it can be hard for some to do when you are not used to listening to yourself in this way. The best thing you can do is ask yourself, “Is this a full body yes?”, if the answer is YES then do it and find a way to make it work. Once you start listening to your gut, the universe steps in and starts helping you with the rest.
  • “Losing” yourself in motherhood – My motto has always been “I am at the center of my life”. What that looks like is adding in as many mindful moments as I can, time for tea, going for a walk, tons of quickie drop in moments (hand over heart, 3 deep breaths), and then everything else outside of me is an added bonus to my life. This also looks like having Countertop Conversations with my husband to make sure I have time on my calendar for things that fill me up and make me feel good, and he has time for himself scheduled too!

If you loved this conversation and are wanting to dive deeper into these insights I can’t recommend Remi’s upcoming in person event “Feel Love Now 1-Day Retreat” enough! You can also use code LOVEROBYN for 20% off the event!

Feel Love Now 1-Day Retreat: Unplug, Reconnect, and Transform

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