July 8, 2021

An Unexpected Way I’m Celebrating

Last week I shared some of my favorite postpartum care and healing tips with you, but this kind of privilege is almost non-existent for some people, especially Black mothers. 

To celebrate my 6 weeks/40ish days postpartum, I want to share some amazing organizations and people that support members of our community who don’t have the same kind of privilege when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum care.

postpartum privilege

And to support all of us, I’ll be gifting a special evening Guided Grounding meditation session recording for anyone who donates to these incredible women and organizations. You can find all their info below! After you give back you can access the recording with this link (this obviously run on an honor system!). Thank you so much for giving what you can. 

  • Ancient Song Doula Services is a community organization offering full spectrum evidence-based doula care, training, & advocacy forums serving the NYC and northern NJ area. Through community, advocacy, reproductive/birth justice and education they aim to tackle some of the issues affecting communities of color. Their IG link is here with multiple ways to gift @ancientsong or you can gift directly from their Target registry for clients here
  • Shi Shi Rose is a writer, educator, creator, and birth and postpartum advocate for black people. Her goal is to advocate for and uplift as many Black people as possible during her time on earth. She focuses on Black wellness and provides resources on her website to connect Black mothers with specialists in NYC. This is her Instagram account (though it is private), and here’s a link to her website you can go directly to to support her incredible work. 
  • Black Mamas Matter is a non profit organization that envisions a world where Black Mamas have the rights, respect, and resources to thrive before, during, and after pregnancy. They center Black mamas to advocate, drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice. You can check out their IG and donate @blackmamasmatter or donate directly here

I invite you to spend time learning more about these organizations and people, and if you can, support them in their efforts to uplift members of our communities. 

Every day during my postpartum period I’ve thought about those who don’t have the support and resources that I’ve been so lucky to have. Let’s work together to change that. 

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