May 13, 2022

Checking in on you…

Anyone feeling scattered? Okay, cool, so it’s not just me…

I don’t know whether it’s the change of season, a packed life, the eclipses, or a second kid, but I have NOT felt able to get my feet underneath me. I know when I’m feeling this way the best thing to do is gather my people and breathe into it together.

Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to take this time to feel out where we’re at and what I need in it all. The world still feels confusing, social media feels off… and, truthfully, I don’t have any answers, but I do know on the days I don’t ground myself, my mental health tanks. 

And the best way I know to get grounded? Community. Accountability. And a date on my calendar! I promise you’ll feel a huge difference when you take a few minutes to come into yourself… less spinning, more aligned action, presence feels closer, decision making becomes easier, and we can feel calmer with our families. What a relief! 

Sign up here for my completely free Guided Grounding Check In Session!! 

This session will be held on Zoom on Thursday, May 19th at 12PM ET and you’ll receive the recording immediately after for those who can’t join live or if you want to listen again and again. In the past, I held these on IG, but want to create a very intentional space so we’ll be meeting this time on Zoom.

Sign up now and I’ll see you on May 19th! I can’t wait to reset and ground with you all!

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