November 11, 2022

Did you know this about mushrooms…

I recently hosted a seriously next level retreat for my Mastermind ladies in upstate NY. The retreat process is a WILD one, both as the host and also, anytime I’ve been a participant, but as always it was incredible magic! We spent our session time in a yurt, ate delicious food made by dear friend and Mastermind participant, Jesse Krux, and connected to ourselves and each other. It’s really hard to put it all into words, but just imagine a-ha’s galore, shapeshifting faces, and tons of laughing! 

Check out our retreat highlight reel!

A concept that came up during the retreat was the idea of mycelium, or the intricate root system of the mushroom. They’re an underground network and essential to the life support for the fungus. Without the mycelium, there would be no mushroom.

This became a huge metaphor for the Mastermind. Although women in the group are from all over (including the UK!), we are all intricately connected and supportive of one another. Running your own business and living a life with guts is NO JOKE. You need community. You need support. You need a network. You need mycelium. If you don’t have a support system, it is going to be hard to support the life of your business. 

Feeling inspired to create a real and rooted “mycelium like” network for you and your online business? Then this BIG NEWS is just for you…

Applications are officially open to join our next brand new Mastermind Cohort starting in February 2023! I’ll be welcoming 15 online entrepreneurs across all creative fields who are ready to level up and walk beside me in this industry. Each person will be uniquely selected for their gifts, vision and purpose + passion they bring to this world. 

This will be a six month experience – five months of weekly coaching calls (plus a bonus month with continued virtual support), one weekend in-person retreat and one mini virtual retreat. I’ve designed the Rockstar Business Mastermind to make sure you have access to everything that helped me grow my business to the joyful success that it is the past 13+ years.

Ready to learn more? Click here for all the insider info and apply today! 

Applications will be reviewed in the order they’re received so don’t wait to fill yours out! Once we receive your application we’ll review them and reach out with next steps.

Fact – I would not be where I am today without masterminding with some of the best of the best in my industry. Collaborating, creating and learning with my colleagues has always been the key to my success. Are you ready to walk beside us? Click here

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