September 1, 2023

Feeling The Changes

Anyone else super emotional right now? Like I am FEELING the changes from my kids getting older, to the seasons about to change, to how truly precious life is and now is all we have.

 FEELING the changes

I’ve been letting myself feel all of this, while showing up and leaning on my Hot Mama community. Because there is nothing like having a group of empowered women who get it. Whoa are committed to their fun, and livin the sh*t out of our one precious life.

If you’ve been craving more support for all you are and want to do and be, no matter what season of life you’re in, then this program is for you.

I didn’t see anything online for women where FUN was the number one priority. Where we could learn to prioritize ourselves, our needs and our personal JOY. So I friggin made it, and it is waiting for you to say YES!

Because of all of this, I have decided to reopen doors at our vey special summer discounted rate for THIS WEEK ONLY and today is the final day to join! Doors are open until midnight ET tonight!

If you weren’t sure how you were going to sail through September with all your sanity intact, I’ve got you. And more importantly, this Hot mama community has GOT YOU!

See you inside!

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