January 6, 2017

FREE Weekend Workshop – Create Your Dream Life

2016. Wow, that was quite a year.

Looking back to January 2016, what were you hoping you wouldve #nailedit when this time of year rolled back around? Did you have goals for your body, or for your life? Did they happen?

I’m not asking you this to make you feel bad, I’m asking you so we can get really real about what works in your life and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

This is the part most people skip over: They simply add their perceived failuresto their new should list, or worse, sweep them under the rug and never think about them again.

But my friend, thats not you. Youre way smarter than that. And if it feels hard right now to look at your 2016 defeats, Ive got you. I dont want you to spend another year (or another DAY for that matter) thinking about last year’s shoulds, weighed down by what didnt happen and not getting where you want to be.

To help make this year your #bestyearever, I’m hosting a f.ree online virtual workshop this weekend!


I’ll be sharing:

  • My three key elements to creating a plan that actually works
  • How to get clear on what you want to happen in 2017 (and how to make that come true this year)
  • What’s commonly missing from any vision, diet, or detox, and how to include these key elements in your 2017 plan

How to participate:

All you need to do join your own personal VIP coaching weekend with me is… to OPEN YOUR EMAILS! That’s it! Each day youll receive an email with tips and a simple and quick exercise. Not on my email list yet? Use the link below to join!

Sound good? Keep your eyes on your inbox tomorrow (Saturday) for email #1!

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