June 15, 2022

How I Update My Wellness Routine For Summer

It’s unofficially start of summer & already proving to be busy (as usual) over here! Because of the shift in seasons, I’m changing up my wellness routine to support my bod through the balmier temps! And I wanted to let you know what I’m doing: 

  • I put extra focus on hydration! Warmer weather means I need to up the water intake. If I don’t have a GIANT reusable water bottle with me I won’t drink enough water so I go for the 40oz size! 
  • Getting outside as much as I can to breathe and stretch. It gets my blood flowing and mind going. 
  • I make the shift from hot matcha to iced. Anyone else???
  • Prioritize movement and meditation especially in bright and happy colors! Hello “Dopamine Dressing”!

Last, as always, focusing on my very new favorite New Chapter Multivitamin Gummies. They provide 17 essential nutrients in a really delicious gummy without unnecessary extra sugar. They’re such a must have and so easy to take, I like to keep them in my giant purse!

Want to get in on the summer wellness? I have a discount code! Use NCROBYN15 for 15% off new customers!

What’s your summer routine right now?

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