June 14, 2024

How Sara Green Discovered Peace and Balance

The other day I was reflecting on why I love what I do, and then I received a heartwarming testimonial from one of my clients about their experience with my intuitive healing sessions. It reminded me of the impact these sessions can have, and I wanted to share it with you all…

Are you stuck in thoughts and patterns that you find hard to let go?  

Have you meditated, journaled, and tried all your usual wellness rituals to shift your mindset but they’re not quite giving you the grounding, peace, balance, and regulation that you deeply crave?  

Even though I have all the tools as a health coach, I still find myself there too some days.

I have been part of several of Robyn’s programs over the years and have been fortunate to experience many guided meditations and UHP sessions with her. My body soaks up all kinds of energy work, I just love its healing benefits. UHP was one that I hadn’t tried until I met Robyn.

My beautiful client Sara.

In a UHP session with Robyn you will see her intuitive abilities shine. She sprinkles that extra bit of magic. She taps right into what you need. To this day I still repeat her words from our sessions in my mind. Her insights have become mantras that I can call on at any moment when I’m seeking reassurance and direction.  

After UHP sessions with Robyn I feel grounded, seen, supported, clear, light, and reminded of the beauty of energy work. Her approach is quiet, gentle, sacred, soft, inward, and safe. I just know you will love how it feels.” – S.G.

These words are exactly why I do this deeper work (that’s often hard to explain!) You can experience profound breakthroughs for yourself by registering here for 3 1:1 BREAKTHROUGH sessions with me. I have 2 spots left now.

Have questions before saying YES? Just reach out via email or Instagram and we’ll talk it through.



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